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🥅#1 goal of B2B email + new retail statistics

B2B email goals

This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for fearless email marketers wanting to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Today— new retail stats & trends + figuring out the #1 B2B email goal.

June 1, Inbox Hackers. 7 months left to run your competition into an early grave.

Easy! Let’s focus on our clients and customers before we go Genghis Khan on innocent brands. Today’s feature story highlights new retail stats that show trends to help you shape future email campaigns, plus a look at the #1 goal of B2B emails. Read the feature…LINK text

3 Retail Stats Reveal Opportunities

Inboxes are crowded and so are online markets packed with stolen goods.

  • 88% of retailers surveyed reported the pandemic has resulted in an increase in overall risk for their company (ORC- organized retail crime is a major reason).

Fashion nears a trillion.

  • Fashion is the most popular online shopping category by global retail e-commerce sales, and expected to reach $990 billion in 2023.

Young people these days… have money to spend!

  • Generation Alpha, born 2010 onward, will number more than 2 billion by 2025. They already have $360 million in annual disposable income, and by 2030, will make up 11% of the global workforce.

It’s not only what you sell and to who, but how.

Planet Savers’ Shopping Habits

B2B email goals

People serious about saving the planet don’t buy a garage full of crap or fly private jets to environmental conferences. But you know I hate to judge, so we’ll move on🤐.

Plastic is in fact an ocean choker. So Earth-friendly packaging makes sense.

📦86% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product that comes in sustainable packaging.

A golden opportunity to upsell / cross-sell to reduce extra packaging. And fewer gas fumes delivering that crap – I mean much-needed item.


👖“The global apparel resale retail market size grew an estimated 30.1% to $182.4 billion in 2022. The rapid growth is predicted to continue, with a forecast of 85.5% growth between 2022 and 2026, reaching $338.4 billion in global sales.”

(Full list of retail stats here)

How many clothing brands are not utilizing buy-back programs that could easily be fused with loyalty programs? Levis does and they’ve been around since 1853, with Wyatt Earp modeling the first pair shirtless.

Now— that #1 goal for B2B email strategies which also applies to retail businesses using email marketing.

Keep ’em Happy

That’s so simple it’s stupid, you say? Nah, it’s super smart.

The full discussion was had over at MarketingProfs.

😊Happy subscribers don’t unsubscribe, they live to buy another day.

😊Happy subscribers share your best content with friends, family, and coworkers who can then share to even more peeps.

😊Happy subscribers open your emails, click your links, and watch your webinars / videos. Which improves deliverability to all your other subscribers and future ones you’ll be adding to the list.

B2B email goals

Sure, setting goals for individual emails is smart. Can’t go into the next few emails without those insights, and Data Dave needs something to do in his dimly-lit cubicle.

But if you aim to go above and beyond for your readers as an overall strategy – everyone gets what they want. It’ll show in those individual email metrics. 

Relax though, it is statistically impossible to hit a home run every email. Tom Brady, with high levels of Genghis Khan DNA, won 7 Super Bowls. 15 of his 22 years, other QBs did.

Extra: Top 5 Subject Lines in My Inbox Right Now 

  • Your Versa 2 Watch battery is low (triggered + 100% personalized)
  • Let’s not start a ponzi scheme today (ponzi – rarely used word)
  • dorky (censored) copywriters lose again (sender mattered most)
  • 💬Shareable (stand-out emoji)
  • 🔺Above-the-line Newsletter, May 25 (date caught my eye)

Read on for knowledge, a surprising prediction for a niche market, & today’s hack

Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power…

Ways to measure small business marketing success (can’t afford to guess).

📕Seth Godin’s new book just came out.

How to get more Google Reviews (Why bother? Free advertising).

☹Tidbit→ Why community building fails or (full video here).

Video: deliverability struggles of 2023 (Top 5)

Inbox Crisis

Many brands are only getting 2 or 3 out of 10 emails opened!

Why settle for that?

When you can dramatically increase your open rates with Inbox Mailers.

Users of this innovative platform are seeing 50% – 70% open rates consistently. 

​Plus, Inbox Mailers re-engages inactive subscribers via our Network Effect which shines a light on your emails in the inbox!

This platform integrates easily with your current ESP. 

Increases click volume too (🔍billions of test sends prove it).

Stand out in inboxes and stop letting your campaigns go unopened and ignored.

Learn more with a Free Demo. Inbox Mailers is the only email tool with genuine perfectly-timed emails because they are triggered by your subscribers.


Self Help

Seen on Twitter.

After decades of productivity apps on Android and iPhone…

The #1 productivity app found to be turning your phone off.

Tested yesterday, wrote 4 solid pages on my porch. Pen and notepad had zero alarms or notifications bothering me.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

🚛Andrelis at BigRigWraps (truck ads)

💼Allison at Evenbound (marketing)

Facts and Stats

  • Constant Contact 2023 data shows click rate at 1.33%

  • Europe is expected to capture 39% of the gift retail market by 2027 (SmallBizTrends) 

  • 67% of consumers say they’re more likely to make purchase via email if it includes a coupon / discount (Constant Contact)

Bonus: 60% of shoppers expect same-, next-, or two-day delivery, →58% of those shoppers expect free next-day delivery.

2023’s Inbox Edge

If you use email marketing for your business, you’re gonna want to check out Inbox Mailers.

They’re changing the game.

Here’s how…

Their patent-pending software enables brands to know when subscribers are in their inbox while triggering an email that generates a 50% – 70% open rate with no degradation in the click-to-open percentage.

The best part?

Inbox Mailers integrates with almost all major ESPs to easily and instantly fire your triggered email, using your ESP, from your domain at the time your subscriber is in their inbox.

Learn more with a Free one-on-one Demo of Inbox Mailers. 


Marketing Musings

Assumptions are poison.

The internet was gonna bring us all closer.

Hilarious. But no one assumed it would do the opposite.

Wrong again. 

Some predicted that but 99% of us ignore outlier opinions and refuse to question anything.

Get Hacking

Copywriting practice won’t make for a thrilling weekend. It’s not a sexy skill.

But nothing can give your emails more appeal. Email marketers willing to get up 30 minutes early on a Sunday to improve their writing will see better campaign results than those who hit snooze.

You don’t need natural talent either. Just the ability to follow proven copywriting structures. If you can trace a Mickey Mouse cartoon, you can trace brilliant copy. 

(I like Alex’s copywriting)

*If you know other email marketers who could use Inbox Hacking, please forward this email to them. Thanks for reading.

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