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#1 way to fence your customers in 🤠

Top of the morning, folks. This mini edition of Inbox Hacking has fresh Monday marketing news below. First, I’ll start your week off with this thought.

Most businesses don’t miss opportunities to catch new customers. 

Instead, we miss chances to “corral” customers. Unless you fence current customers in, they’ll wander off when they feel taken for granted or like they’ll be treated better over there where the grass is greener.

The easiest way to corral customers is to listen better.

The #1 benefit of better listening? The person speaking becomes more open-minded to the listener (and your offers💡).

Improve listening skills by:

  • Asking questions that benefit the speaker (help them make their point).
  • Removing distractions— they reduce your ability to listen + jack up the speaker’s ability to convey their message!
  • Summarizing the speaker’s words back to them— to see if you missed something or they didn’t present an idea clearly.

Remember, listening is NOT easy:

  • You must decide to listen
  • You are giving up cognitive resources to actively listen
  • We fear change & true listening could force us into that fear
  • Tests show that good listeners still only recall roughly 50% of info

Don’t worry, listening can be done in a variety of ways outside of direct customer interactions or surveys.

Dive deeper into corralling customers in The Referral Engine (chapter with real-world examples) and this Hidden Brain podcast episode on expert listening. 

Monday Marketing News

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Well, well, look who’s into advertising 

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Thanks for reading – here’s a pic that’ll brighten your Monday morning (unless your team got bounced from The Tournament 🏀 this weekend. Only time heals those wounds 😁).