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🆕12 new AI tools for Inbox Hackers

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New here? This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for fearless email marketers wanting to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Today we highlight 12 new AI tools designed to lighten your workload. 

It’s Tuesday and I am feeling it folks. I know there are 3 work days ahead but I refuse to be stopped. 

So latch on to my enthusiasm as we look at 12 fresh AI tools that can make your work less taxing. Maybe even remove 90% of the work altogether if you do a bit of training on these tools. Let’s check them out…

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Top 3 AI Tools Email Marketers Should Test

Ok, you’re thinking you’ve no time to test AI stuff. All you gotta do is avoid mediocre tv for a few hours this month. Binge season 6 of Rick and Morty then get to testing… 

  1. First Line GPT – designed to grab attention with a unique personalized opening sentence on cold emails (don’t spam).

  1. Tiny Einstein – AI email marketing specifically for Shopify store owners. High marks on TrustPilot, Shopify reviews, and AppSumo.

  1. Hoppy Copy – solid copy without you doing all the thinking / typing. 50+ email AI templates using scientifically proven copy formulas.

*No AI tool will work on autopilot. Think of all these tools as brilliant interns who are also clueless about the real world😉.

4 AI Tools for Heavy Lifting

ai email tools

Who has time to create a new course, learn everything, or figure out prompts? Get help…

  1. Courseai – as basic a landing page as it gets, making it simple to test the course output in under three mins. Example I did AI did.

  1. Perfect Post – for social. Let a bot deal with the hassle of hashtags, multiple platforms, and constant algorithm updates. 

  1. Tutorai – teach yourself about new topics quickly. Why? So you can relay the info to your audience before it becomes old news.

  1. GPT Prompt Tuner – AI for AI. Eliminate the main frustration with AI tools— bots can’t understand what the hell we want them to do!  

Ok, 5 more tools to wrap up this feature story.

5 AI Tools for Content, Enhanced Visuals, & Learning

*Tip to test: Turns out AI art increased demo clicks for this newsletter.

  1. Entire-body humans (PG bodies it appears)
  2. Book summaries →  (example output)
  3. AI professional headshots (handsome 🤩)
  4. Real estate content creator
  5. Chart 📊 GPT via text prompts (*has promise but AI interns also lie🤣)

*2023 season not occurred yet! And other years were wrong.

Lastly— a bonus tool to sniff out AI lies, otherwise known as AI hallucinations.

Any of those tools you want me to test thoroughly, let me know. In the meantime, see these 4,000+ AI tools🤯.

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Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power so plug in…

💬Solid tips on replying to feedback (+ when not to).

Online security must-read for smaller organizations (cliffnote→ avoid weak-%$$ passwords).

📩Free AI email marketing prompts (AWeber).

This digital music article accidentally highlights blue ocean opportunities in any niche.

📊How search is changing (pretty picture splains).

Self Help 

People who are online an average of five hours a day struggle to remember people’s names. 6% of people have checked email at a funeral.

And people worry AI will end humanity. Don’t. 

We humans are giving it away.

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

🦘Kabita at HomeLoanExperts

🏫Yvonne at Niche (school guide)

Facts and Stats

  • 76% of customers search for prices and reviews before visiting a store (Adobe)

  • Desktop shopping generates about $100 more per average sale than sales made on smartphones (BroadbandSearch) 

  • India has 692 million internet users— more than 2x the U.S. (Statista 2023)

Bonus: Overall web traffic dropped by over 6% from 2021 to 2022 (Media Post)

🚮 Landfills contain megatons of flyers, postcards, and sales letters. Most trashed before readers even read the business name on the paper.

Same with marketing emails. No digital weight but still a giant waste.

Protect your email campaigns from being trashed before readers even see your subject line.

You can get up to 7 out of 10 emails opened and read with Inbox Mailers.

Yep, up to 70% open rates. Not only that. Click volume increases too.

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Marketing Musings

Young preacher dude the next town over was hired by remaining old-timers to build up their church. He did. Attendance jumped from 52 people to over 900. (More than the tiny town’s population!).

Building an audience from scratch can feel hopeless.

Reading how Tim Ferris or Noah Kagan built a following is fine but…

Every marketer reads those how-tos.

Why not also look to your local area? Find groups / clubs that are flourishing (most are not) and go find out why— in person.

Get Hacking

Use more proof in upcoming email campaigns.

Social proof works but other proof tools are also available to convince subscribers to hit the buy button or sign up for your service.


  • Charts / graphs can be more convincing than words alone
  • Math formulas give weight to statements

One more… have an authority figure back up your claims.

Authority has a certain look. It’s why your dentist consults you about root canals while wearing a lab coat versus a Nirvana t-shirt.

*Know other feisty email marketers? Please forward Inbox Hacking to them. I’ll DJ your wedding.

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