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New here? This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for Awesome email marketers wanting to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. On tap today, we hack through 10 marketing tactics & 11 free website promotion tips to reveal ones with the best chance of success.

Warning Inbox Hackers, summer’s sneaking up on us like a beach-siesta sunburn. So ready those Memorial Day templates.

Right now we’re going to cut into Constant Contact’s 10 marketing tips + Optinmonster’s 11 free ways to promote your website. Some of these tactics are superior to others and I’ll tell you why along the way. So click below and we’ll find out where best to focus your marketing efforts in the second half of 2023.

(What tactic has been a homerun for you this year?)

Newsletters Drive Website Traffic

I just sent you one so no shock I agree with OptinMonster on newsletters. 

  • The email list is 100% yours
  • Don’t have to outbid megalodon corporations for PPC ads
  • Individuals can opt out but unlike social platforms, you can’t get kicked out entirely by one individual

Some Marketers don’t Need these 3 Website Promo Ideas 

website promotion

1️⃣SEO – Call me an idiot (used to it) but some organizations’ SEO efforts will never produce a dime. If you must though…

The best SEO tips from 3 true experts I know:

  1. If you wouldn’t include the keyword naturally in a sentence, don’t use it.
  2. Provide quality answers and Google will reward you.
  3. Find an SEO road less traveled (i.e. fuse local keywords with your product/service keywords).

2️⃣Start-a-blog – Not a terrible idea. But will be if you’ve no plan to promote it. A bad plan is better than spitting out 50,000 words hoping the masses magically stumble upon those 19 articles. 

3️⃣Host-a-podcast – Podcasts are easy to start. Easier to stop 🙋🏼‍♂️. The vast majority of podcasts end after 1 episode!

Smarter way to leverage a podcast into website traffic is to go on other podcasts. Those hosts know what they’re doing – no offense to you – or me.😅

After a year or so, then maybe host your own show. But if you’re having success jabbering on other shows, why go to the trouble? 

One more – OptinMonster’s list includes “Post on Social Media.” Yes… we know! Look, many marketers feel social marketing is a waste of time, not to mention the ill effects on our gray matter. 

5 Too-Easy-to-Ignore Ways to Promote Your Website

  • Online directories (automate or use virtual assistant)
  • Partner up for a webinar or course 
  • Referral marketing (he wrote the book on it)
  • Affiliate program (start by giving affiliates a GIANT cut – why not?)
  • Press releases (stuffy, so ChatGPT will do a perfect job)

One More Tactic to Drive People to Your Website

(#11) A link in your email signature is smart… all your emails. Zero effort required!

Don’t stop there though. Smash that website or landing page link into everything that leaves your keyboard or hands.

  • Invoices
  • Greeting cards
  • Cash (not kidding)
  • Personal social media posts 
  • Email replies
  • Online reviews (get sneaky / creative)

website promotion
Eluna ai Art

10 Marketing Tips via Constant Contact

Quick and dirty – my take on recommended tactics. 

  1.  Diversify ✅ – don’t overlook small groups where getting attention is more likely.

  1. Social ads ❌- too much fraud. Up to 88% of ad clicks are sus (Prof G). Also, one expert Facebook Ad agency refuses like 90% of clients wanting their services. Think about why that is.

  1. Extend / repurpose content ✅ – simple, effective, saves money in case there’s ever a recession 😉.

  1. Brand advocates ✅ – Make people glad thrilled they chose your brand.

  1. User experience ✅ – see last edition of Inbox Hacking.

  1. Fuse online & offline ✅ – example, a lead enters a contest at your exhibit then the payoff comes via email.

  1. Be authentic ✅ – amazing how hard it is to be ourselves. What’s it matter though? I’ve done research and 100% of people who don’t like who you are won’t do business with you anyway. 

  1. Memorable messages ✅ – CC used a Huggies ad about baby hugs as an example. It works because the story connects to the product. Some memorable ads fail to connect to the product so the memory’s wasted. Flex Seal does it right – whacky product-focused ads— as entertaining as most sitcoms and 73x funnier than late-night talk shows. 

  1. Partnerships ❌ – don’t get caught in the hype of influencers, micro, nano… just say no until there’s more proof the ROI is there. Instead, lean into more time-tested partner opportunities.

  1.  Performance analysis ✅ – waiting until the end of a marketing campaign to pivot is like Bill Belichick waiting until the game’s over to make defensive adjustments (or cheat). Metrics will improve the next campaign but don’t miss out on the benefits during the current one.

Read on for segmenting reality, fresh stats, & today’s asap hack.

Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power and so is a nap.

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Self Help 

Proof email experts don’t pimp segmentation for the heck of it.

Your email list is full of different people living in very different realities.

Below is another example.

Least trusted communication channel by generation:

  • Gen Z — Text/SMS
  • Millennials — Tie: Text/SMS, Social Media
  • Gen X — Social Media
  • Baby Boomers — Social media

(1,200 consumers surveyed from 14 countries, 2023)

Help your cause by segmenting your audience into groups that fit their reality.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hacking Subscribers → 

🌄Hillary at c21Montana (real estate)

👶🏼Stephanie at ProCare (childcare software)

Facts and Stats

  • #1 and #2 Growth Bar→ most popular AI marketing tools for small business owners (SkyNova)
  • 66% of consumers more likely to recommend a brand when the business uses their preferred communication channel (Arion Research) 
  • Website conversion rate drops by an average of 2.11% with each additional second of load time (Drip)

Bonus: Which social media platform are marketers planning to decrease organic marketing on most?  Answer→ Twitter (Social Media Examiner)

How to Trigger 3x Open Rates?

There’s a new technology that enables you to send more engagement triggers to your list.

This creates a virtuous cycle that boosts your reputation, deliverability, sender scores, and IP health — all at once. Brands leveraging this tech are doubling, even tripling their open rates (while increasing overall click volume).

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Marketing Musings

Old dude I know, Big Jim, nearly lost his eyesight in one eye 20 years ago.

Disease? Eye poke? Nope.


Lightbulb accident had him calling an ophthalmologist on a Saturday and was told to check back on Monday. They got him in on Tuesday.

Doc was shocked at the detached retina! Told Big Jim, “You should’ve went to the emergency room Saturday!” 

Yeah – he would have if the doc had listened closer initially… or if Big Jim had explained the situation more clearly. Either way. Miscommunication can be costly.

Get Hacking

Some estimate product recommendations account for over 35% of purchases on Amazon.

Not an economist but I suspect that adds up to a 💩ton of money.

Want some of that easy extra revenue for your brand?

Start testing product recommendations in your next email.

Test and improve your process if you’re already using this hack.

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