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Are these 6 myths holding your 📧campaigns back?

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This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for email marketers eager to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Today’s feature story reveals myths that may be hindering your email campaigns, + the 3 best subject lines currently in my inbox.

Happy Father’s Day 4 days early. Remember, you don’t have to change the world. Taking care of business for a family is plenty.

Onto today’s feature. I’ll break to pieces 6 myths that could be keeping your audience from opening, engaging, or giving a rip about your emails. 

We’ll jump right in, I gotta make a gift list— hope my daughters have saved up.

Email Myth #1 – Simplicity

This UX myth list seeded our feature btw.

Minimal does not always equal simple.

Readers often need words versus minimalistic buttons.

Maybe not the younger segment of your list but Gen Xers like me might.

Took me 24 months to get used to hamburger menus back in the day. Apps get deleted asap when users don’t know WTH to tap! Designers are great at design but they work inside a bubble.

The real world is full of email readers who get frustrated after clicking to a landing page and not quickly understanding what to do next.

email myths

Email Myth #2 – Sharing

Few people read entire articles or emails. 

That doesn’t stop them from sharing content though. 

A headline or subject line is enough to get people to share— if what they scan is appealing, intriguing, or even infuriating. 

Email Myth #3 – Design 

World-class design won’t solve all your email marketing issues.

Unless you abduct the Huckberry crew and can source the best looking humans on Earth for each email, well, you’ll have to focus on other things.

email myths

🖼A pretty picture is not a call-to-action

🛒Even slightly cumbersome checkouts cost your brand money

🧠Psychology can be used in design but mostly in the copy

Ease of use can trump average design. It helped Best Buy sell about $300,000,000 more. The company stopped forcing people to register to make a purchase. The words below came with no epic pics but resulted in an extra $15 million the first month.

“You do not need to create an account to make purchases on our site. Simply click Continue to proceed to checkout. To make your future purchases even faster, you can create an account during checkout.”

Email Myth #4 – The Best

Relax. Your subscribers are not scouring your email for the all-time best solution to their problem-of-the-week.

They seek a good-enough solution, a quick fix. (This behavior is called ‘satisficing’)

Make sure they find it quick and easy. Leave a few fixes laying around in your email instead of always trying to lead readers directly to the one link or tool you believe they seek.

Email Myth #5 – Copying Big Dogs

Campaigns that stick to what works for the world’s most successful brands won’t guarantee your success.

Proof. If an upstart called Amazon copied what Walmart did online then Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be rocking super-yachts or be hot on Wallyworld’s heels.

Smaller brands don’t have mountains of subscriber and user data.

Small businesses have to test best practices, theories, and trends before knowing which will work in their email strategies..

Email Myth #6 – Rational Readers

Your subscribers are fine citizens. But irrational as hell. Just like you and me.

  • We sign up for 30-year house payments
  • Buy cars that lose value as we sign the loan papers
  • We made reality tv popular

I’ve got more:

  • If modern people hate reading, then why do they need emotional stories instead of a pile of bullet-point facts before they buy?

  • The subject line you think is your best often gets average opens. Same goes for clicks on that call-to-action that had you bragging to your dad. (please don’t)

To sum it all up… 

Don’t believe anything unless you see it with your own eyes. Until you observe actual subscriber behaviors. Keep your readers in mind with every email you write. 

Make things easy, obvious, and impactful for them.

BTW, Top 3 Subject Lines In My Inbox (+why they worked)
  1. 👍A+ (3-character SL & bright yellow emoji)
  2. 🚗 Stuck in traffic tax (riles me up so I opened it)
  3. the case against using stories in sales copy (contrarian POV especially in 2023)

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My new neighbor is 73, wears overalls, and is 3% more ‘country’ than me.

He talks a lot and I miss lunch if I stop by his porch after a run.

But without listening I wouldn’t have learned something cool.

The old-timer is a hardcore gamer. He’s hooked on World of Warcraft and plays all night sometimes.

Talk to others like they know something you don’t. Doesn’t come natural to me but I do it because it benefits both parties. 

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

📢Aurelie at IncomarServices (creative services)

📣Audrey at Natick Arts Center

Facts and Stats

  • When shopping for luxury goods, 50.4% research a brand or product 3 to 5 times (Media Post). 

  • Travel industry had the highest global bounce rate→ 6.83% (GetResponse)

  • 31% of marketers say they use basic segmentation (2-5 criteria)

Bonus: SuperOffice study showed which type of email can generate up to 20% of email marketing revenue? Answer is triggered emails. 

Inbox Alert→ more crowded than ever in history.

Many brands have 8 out of 10 emails unopened, going to waste.

Demoralizing, yeah? 

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Get Hacking

Cold hard truth time. About 80% of readers are not reading your emails. They’re scanning the emails.

This isn’t tragic. Just reality. So lean into making your emails more scannable. 

It will make scanners come back for more. How to do it:

  • Insert your main idea in one short sentence atop an image
  • Remove all possibility of confusing the reader/scanner
  • Inverted pyramid (don’t bury the lead) 

You can’t change reality but you can write emails fit for reality.

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