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✅ 6 ways to increase click rates (including triggered emails)

triggered email

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Eight days until St. Patrick’s Day, Inbox Hackers. Today’s National Pizza Day in case you need cheesy fodder for a quick email blast. 

Here’s what’s ahead in our feature story. We’ll detail 6 ways to increase your click rates, which include triggered emails + GetResponse case studies and examples. At the end, as a bonus, I’ll show you how high the bar is now set on getting clicks generally (using 5 Hyped YouTube Titles). Time to boost those click rates.

3 Key Click Rate Stats

These matter most.

  1. Average click-through rate was 2.02% in 2022 (Report)
  2. Triggered emails produced 5.31% CTR vs. newsletters 2.51%
  3. Simple segmentation (men vs. women) bumped clicks up nearly 1%
triggered email

Most emails are mediocre IMHO. So when click rates are below the average for a specific industry, it isn’t hard to improve. Keep reading and improvement will arrive soon versus too late.

*Triggered emails resulted in 8 times more opens and greater earnings than typical bulk emails. ~Snov

Top 3 Ways to Catch More Clicks

GetResponse’s full list of 13 ways to boost clicks is here → my top 3 choices:

🙄Please don’t roll your eyes at segmentation. It gets a lotta run. But GR’s case study showed a 4+% bump in open rates for the simple men / women segmenting mentioned. More opens assisted the 1% click improvement.

🎬Action gets more clicks. Subscriber actions that trigger your automated emails. Triggered emails are a must because their timing coincides with what’s on the subscriber’s / customer’s mind already. (If you try no other tactic listed, please implement triggered emails).

🏃🏼‍♀️Run-don’t-walk emails. Urgency must be included in calls-to-action. If not, email readers will wait… and wait. Then never click. As for links in newsletters, curiosity can replace urgency half the time. 

triggered email

*Reviews spike engagement (ie. clicks)

Me Me Me = More Clicks

🥂User behavior may be the most valuable form of email personalization now. Every email marketer uses subs’ names. Your campaign will stand out if you can get creative like TripAdvisor did below. The email appeals to a person’s vanity and cheers them on to keep up the good work.

🔝Easy clicks await. Your biggest fans are chomping at the bit to click on your next campaign. So send those fans an extra email or two. With special info or discounts only for them. More clicks + a boost in deliverability to ALL your subscribers. 

🍜Consider audience wants, then mix it up. See this post for ideas on varying formats to test in your emails. Don’t reinvent the wheel each send, just mix it up to keep campaigns fresh and test more clickable formats.

⚡AMP (interactive) emails can rake in better click rates. Just be aware those metrics may not register in your ESP like a normal click. But for surveys, that’s no concern since the goal is to gather subscriber insights.

*See a GR case study on A/B testing’s power to ramp up clicks.  

The Clock’s Clicking

One of GetResponse’s suggestions was to perfect your timing on emails. In 2023, this is still just guesswork unless your emails are triggered💯. 

“And what about the day of the week? The same data shows no clear winner regarding the best engagement. You might, however, stick to the Monday-to-Friday schedule because it tends to be more predictable.” ~GetResponse

The Bottom Line on Improving Click Rates

Triggered emails and segmentation are your ticket to better open rates.

Which lead to more clicks. Which lead to more of your emails getting to the inbox. Then… even more opens and so on.

Also, try to get inside subscribers’ heads to give them what they want instead of forcing what you wish to be inside their heads. Focus on user behavior and don’t forget to target your top openers and clickers for easy clicks. 

Now for those outlandish, eye-grabbing, click-causing YouTube titles. Not to be copied, just to note the lengths marketers are going to get clicks.

5 Youtube Titles Even Iron-willed Vikings Couldn’t Resist

  1. “People Are Panicking!” – Reaction To Staggering Housing Market
  2. Jon Jones is Heavyweight King! BUT is he the GOAT?
  3. Golfer Has Complete Meltdown On The Golf Course!
  4. Here’s an Entire Marketing Degree in 11 Seconds (🤢) 
  5. Gen Z Does Not Want To Settle Down & Have Kids, Online Dating Is Destroying Society

Holy hyperbole! Don’t buy into it → don’t be left in its wake either.  

Knowledge Base

🦉Knowledge is power, but first, take a break and laugh.

🤕Why your company should be cautious emailing cold leads.

📨Remember, email authentication isn’t a cure-all.

📰So you wanna write a newsletter (a how-to for newbies).

📺Setting up Google Workspace email authentication (8 min video).


Spoiler Alert

You can stop worrying about subject lines 24/7.

This one strategy unlocks better open rates.

Inbox Mailers holds the key…

Triggered Emails. And this works for businesses of all sizes.

  • Get open rates of 50% – 70%
  • Increase/Fix your reputation, deliverability, and inboxing rates
  • Increase/Fix Sender scores and IP Health
  • Re-engage your Dead/Unengaged list

Book a Demo. Inbox Mailers is your can’t-miss email marketing tool.

Self Help 


Funny how we discount simple positive routines.

But stand in awe of negative routines (aka unshakable bad habits).

Negative rituals such as smoking aren’t complex. 

They’re simple, just incredibly hard to break. With each passing day, they gain power.

Positive routines grow in identical fashion. Simply, one day at a time. 

Works in business and life.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hacking Subscribers → 

👨🏼‍💻Antonio at AE Design (Websites)

📱Amber at Aliv (Phones)

Facts and Stats

  • Only 18% of brands send customers to a branded page with shipment updates
  • Simple cross-selling boosts McDonald’s revenue by 15% – 40% 
  • #1 reason 72% of small businesses are not working with influencers→ perceived cost (Hootsuite)
triggered email

From Our Sponsor

How many candy bars have we all bought right at the grocery checkout?

 It’s an automatic decision. They’re right there.

That’s how Inbox Mailers works with email. 

The platform triggers your emails to slide into inboxes while subscribers are right there, in the inbox.

It’s an automatic decision for subscribers to open your emails while they open emails they already decided to keep. 

How else are you going to get 50% – 70% open rates and higher click volume? Inbox Mailers is the simplest solution ever for email marketers. Book your Demo.

Marketing Musings

The stat above concerning most brands (82%) missing opportunities with branded shipment updates is concerning. 

We all chase new leads. Pump time and money into lead magnets and Facebook Ads. 

For what? To eventually generate sales. No 💩, right?

Well then, why don’t we chase sales inside shipment update emails? Instead of linking to carrier sites with shipment updates, a branded page is the right move.

Because I’m guessing FedEx nor the US Postal Service will cross-sell or upsell any of your other products! 

But you can with a branded page for shipment updates.

Get Hacking

Great article on data versus human details. What are we missing by not talking with clients and customers? Who the hell knows! Because we only look at data now.

So, today’s hack is this. Make time to talk with your current clients and customers. Put it on your calendar. Recurring event. If you can’t call them and they won’t respond to emails or surveys, go find them on social media to see what’s in their heads.

Doesn’t matter what’s there. It may not seem like usable data. But perhaps the human details you find are more valuable to your email marketing than you imagine.

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