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🦄7 ways to make your email campaigns stand out

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Heads up, Father’s Day is Sunday. Golf balls and ‘Dad Gear’ rank as two of the worst gifts, but outrank forgetting Dad Day altogether.

Today’s Inbox Hacking covers 7 ways your email campaigns can (and will) stand out in the inbox. More opens, more clicks, more subscriber loyalty. Nothing impossible, just inconvenient things that other mailers won’t make time for. 

Let’s dig in.

#1 VIP Devotion

Most mailers will not even make time to figure out who their top readers are. 

Much less segment them and devote twice as much time writing emails just for those key subscribers. 

Seth talks about the race to the bottom – cheaper, faster, sell to the masses. 

I’ve no use for the bottom. Neither do you so…

Dedicate more time to subscribers who regularly engage with your emails. Even if they don’t buy, they will recommend your brand and share your content. 

VIPs are devoted to you. Are you showing the same love?

#2 Irish PR Wisdom

Nothing wrong with traditional press releases. But FOX, ESPN, and CNN aren’t gonna splash those on their front pages.

But if you can send an NBA mascot to the ER you’ll get at least two days of coverage. Don’t worry, it was all a ruse and I’m sure the Furry is fine. If not, well, they can just find another one😁.

PR stunts aren’t just for Conor McGregor. They’re for any brand that wants free advertising. (ESPN gets 400+ million views per month) 

 email campaigns

Doing anything newsworthy you can insert in your emails?

#3 Data Digs

Do I like sifting through email data? 🤐🤐🤐

I don’t like most words that begin with D. Long story.

Point is→ 90% of email marketers don’t like digging into metrics. 

That’s a perfect reason for you to develop a stomach for data digestion.

Do you know your most effective subject line structure or which call-to-action element led to the most conversions this year?

#4 Spamhaus Subscriber

Spamhaus has more technical jargon and acronyms than a Harvard thesis on Boringology.

But it’s a tremendous resource for keeping your sender reputation clean: 

Can you tolerate technical talk in order to keep your emails flowing to the inbox?

*IBM Watson has a tool for summarizing technical writing, as does Semantic Reader

email campaigns

#5 Consistency Principles and Practices

Being consistent has benefits from two angles.

First. Email newsletters that arrive on the same day and same time weekly build loyalty through consistency. 

I wouldn’t advise anyone to start email marketing unless they can commit to never missing a scheduled email. Automation makes this doable for anyone.

Second. Helpful and interesting emails will keep subscribers subscribed. Eventually, they’ll read your emails out of habit. It helps to remind them how long they’ve been a subscriber and how it was their idea to sign up. This consistency principle has proven to help people stick to their choices…

An experiment showed 76% of homeowners agreeing to put a large sign in their yard after agreeing to put a small 3-inch sign in their window weeks earlier. Only 17% agreed when the large sign was the first request.

#6 Fearless Emailing

I’ve got one marketer who sometimes emails me 3 times a day.

Do I open them all? Nope. Do I intend to unsubscribe? Nope, they’re good emails.

A GURU webinar had an expert say, “I resend emails to people who don’t open the first send. People can unsubscribe, I don’t care.”

Don’t be a people pleaser, fearful of taking chances. 

Are your emails helpful to one person? Then hit send…

#7 Combos and Flows

One line won’t make your email campaign a hit. Every line has to ‘pop’ or tease readers into the next line that will pop.

Look for one-two punches versus a knockout swing on one bombastic call-to-action.

Make the message flow.

Use literary devices and psychology and emotion… and a spare kitchen sink and throw it all at your readers. Holding attention these days is a grind in case you haven’t noticed your partner zoning out on occasion. 

Your readers don’t even sleep with you! So, yeah, holding their attention is gonna take work.

Lucky for you, hard workers are in short supply. Keep that in mind and your emails will stand out in the inbox. 

BTW, Top 3 Subject Lines in My Inbox (+why they worked)

  1. Google Alert – (from Google) [don’t trick readers but test a version of this alert]
  2. Shane – have you seen your stats this week (my name + am I winning?)
  3. IRS issues alert to millions (urgent, scary, known entity & article paid off SL promise) 

Read below for TikTok selling report, B2B influence, & today’s hack.

Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power, but first, life, lemons, & bikers.

I’m not pushing too-early holiday selling but TikTok is.

🧨Why early Independence Day email ideas? People check out the week before.

Optinmonster does more than build email lists (6 extra ways agencies can use the platform).

⛏You pick: 14 marketing expert interviews or… 1 article on marketing guru Ric Flair.

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Triggered Open Rates 

You can stop having night sweats about perfect subject lines.

This one strategy unlocks better open rates→ using triggered emails.

Inbox Mailers holds the key…

🙂Get open rates of 50% – 70%

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Self Help

Loss of faith in organizations. 

People trust drug dealers more than big institutions now. 

Add the PGA to the list. Had morals for a few months but morals were too costly. 

The loyal players who didn’t bounce to LIV are not screwed though. 

They could say “screw the PGA & LIV” and form their own independent golf tour.

The players are the draw. Would they make less money?

Yep, so what? What amount of wealth is enough? Especially to whack around a stationary ball.

Maybe The Cartel will start a golf tour next. Phil Mickelson would be the first to enter the Fentanyl Masters. His kids will be so proud.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

📢Yuxin at Seamless Lingerie

📣Jon at Strong Jon Fitness

Facts and Stats

  • TikTok hashtag #giftideas generated 11.4 billion views last holiday season (TikTok Holiday Playbook)

  • Customers have a 306% higher lifetime value & are about 4x as likely to recommend a brand if they have an emotional connection to the brand (

  • GetResponse report shows North America open rates at 31.02%

  • Gen Z, the sharpest at spotting AI-written emails, are the most worried age group about this— 37.5%

Bonus: Of deleted apps, 40% of them were deleted after just two uses. (MarketingProfs)

Email marketers’ major struggle?

Inactive subscribers. Dead email lists.

But most re-engagement campaigns seem awkward, sometimes desperate. 

“Please come back… we’re willing to beg…”

Overused. Played out! 

Real re-engagement can happen though. By getting your emails placed alongside other emails your inactive subscribers ARE opening.

How? Inbox Mailers’ triggers. Triggered by your subscribers actively opening other emails!

Learn more with a Free Demo and see up to 70% open rates and higher click volume.


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Get Hacking

Email is getting its butt spanked in one department. Customer satisfaction.

Recent report says brands are too slow to respond via email.

By too slow, I mean dead last among all other channels. 

If only email service platforms had, I dunno… autoresponders or something.

Get to hacking and write 3 responses to common questions and issues. Get them to fire automatically⚡.

Let your competition get spanked. They may like it— depends on your industry I guess.😂

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