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📧Are you using these 2 tools that enhance email campaigns? 

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New here? This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for Awesome email marketers wanting to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Today’s edition lays out 2 tools you can lean on to enhance your email campaigns.

Hope this Tuesday is rolling right along for you eager Earthlings. And know this, Inbox Hackers…

Things are about to get better. No guarantees since I’m not in the warranty business and can’t legally kidnap your boss. But today’s feature story lays out 2 tools that you may not be utilizing enough or at all in your emails. Time to change that so let’s slide into it.

Proven Tactical Tools

What are these 2 magical tools that will produce more opens, clicks, and sales in your emails?

Hold up, Harry Potter. No magic. Good news though— proven tools used consistently don’t need any hocus pocus.

The tools we’re looking at are:

  1. Social proof 
  2. Swipe files

Starting with Social Proof

Before I get to specific tools that help you show off social proof, how about evidence social proof works like a charm?

🧙77% of people said customer photos influenced their buying decisions versus 22% who preferred professional photos (Yotpo)

🧙Labeling menu items as “popular” resulted in 13-20% more orders for those items (Duke / Peking University)

🧙40% of people say they’ve purchased a product online after seeing it used by an influencer on social media (Sprout Social)

And you’ve probably heard the study on getting more hotel guests to reuse towels by posting a sign stating how many other guests do so. Ones not embezzling towels I guess.

Smallish Social Proof? More Good News

social proof

If you don’t have 135,001 customers yet, there are other options to get people to follow the (small) crowd to your brand.

  • Rich reviews (full name, title, photo – and video is even better)
  • Big numbers generated for limited clients you do have (i.e. their sales or # of people they’ve helped through your services)
  • Showcase customer success stories with deep dives into their wins

🏆Industry awards are social proof that people should do business with you.

Great, but how do you show the proof off?

Gathering & Presenting Social Proof

⭐Dyspatch – test drive interactive AMP email— use case: live poll in email shows most popular (clicked) sale item

Vocal Video – easy, seamless for reviewer (read about using videos in emails)

Provelylive on-site sales & sign-up notifications to increase sign-ups on landing pages

*Litmus also promotes live email options where social proof can be inserted.

Next up, swipe files.

Swipe Files are Your Friend

*A swipe file is simply good great pieces of marketing copy you can reshape for your own use.

People look at swipe files two ways:

→Too much work

→The easiest tool ever to speed up and improve email campaigns

The work comes in finding epic copy. The web’s full of crap. Inboxes too. Dig for gems though and the work will pay off. But unless you organize your swipe files, you’ll never find what you need when you need it. 

social proof

The ease comes when you keep a neat stack of marketing copy you can grab quickly as needed. Your own writing (best of) should be included in your swipe file, in case that’s not obvious.

Now – how doers get things…

Your New Swipe File Tools

You can also keep it super-simple.

  • Use snipping tool for great copy to store in a desktop folder
  • Print and post at your desk the top 3 copywriting examples or structures that fit your needs

Regardless of which you choose, the key is to not swipe every piece of copy that grabs your eye. Save only the best. Else you’ll hoard mounds of files you can’t organize nor utilize.

How about a bonus tool?


Ever wonder how 9 Toyota Camrys stay attached atop those semi trucks hauling them down the interstate? Checklists keep truck drivers from forgetting crucial steps!

Your email campaigns are just as vital as keeping Toyotas from flying into ditches, so use checklists before you even get close to hitting send.

Checklists I use:

  • Copywriting principles checklist (i.e. grab interest / tease upcoming sections / fact-infused stories / is subject line or headline great✅)
  • Proofread emails in inbox even after proofing in ESP
  • After sending: check email metrics, replies for feedback, and satisfaction survey

social proof
🤖Creepy misspelled photo via AI artist

Save this handy infographic checklist if that makes it easier.

Ok, use those 3 tools and you’ll find your email marketing more efficient and engagement rising too.

Read on for the Knowledge Base, a fresh subject line finding, and today’s hack.

Knowledge Base

⚡Knowledge is power but first, take a breather.

12 Affiliate email marketing tips (includes why create multiple lead magnets).

✔✔Double opt-ins leaving you hanging? 4 techniques for more confirmations.

Siphon the genius from the braintrust on this email marketer experts list.

🤩Ways to tell if your writing is good.

Check yo-self before you… Marketing checklists via Oracle.


Imagine how many of your emails never get opened.

Likely 8 out of 10— this is the average across all industries. 

Change that with Inbox Mailers.

Get 50% – 70% open rates consistently. 

​Plus, Inbox Mailers re-engages your inactive subscribers.

Integrates easily with your current ESP.

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Self Help 

The web’s too busy for your brain and while it’s too late for me, hope awaits you.

3 ways to get more done with fewer distractions (or get less done if ya like).

😶Grayscale the Web

Switch off YouTube autoplay (tap video top right to view toggle)

IOS Downtime on Demand & Android App Limits

*Shout-out to Inbox Hacking Subscribers → 

🥗Andrew at Miller’s Ale House (dining)

📳Anouska at BillionDollarBoy (influencer agency)

Facts and Stats

  • Survey: 20% of marketers are using co-marketing / 17% using employee advocacy campaigns (Media Post)
  • April 2023: Open rates boosted by subject line emoji— 1st character works best (World Data)
  • Business survey: 86% say daily barrage of data is complicating decision-making in their personal & professional lives

Bonus: Which list size gets higher click-through rates? 100k+ subscribers versus under 2,500? Large list 3.19% / Smaller list 3.98% (GetResponse)

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Imagine you pop open Gmail, and you have a long list of emails to go through.

A few seconds later, a new email pops into your inbox.

Research shows you’re more likely to immediately open it rather than the long list of stale emails.

Inbox Mailers gives you this advantage. Rather than send an email blast to your entire list at once, you can send triggered emails when your subscriber is actively in their inbox.

This strategy is leading to consistent open rates of 50% – 70%. 

Sound good?

Plus, these higher open rates improve overall deliverability, and with better deliverability, you’ll see a higher sender score, better inbox placement rates, and improved overall email metrics. 

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Marketing Musings

Ever feel like a hack when using copywriting ‘tricks’ to get clicks?

Like rhymes or alluring alliterations?😉

I’m here to erase that guilt from your soul.

Why go against human nature? Human brains crave easily digestible information.

Copywriting ‘tricks’ provide this ease. 

Copy gurus didn’t invent this reality. They noted its existence.

So use it, or lose it (it, being clicks and conversions it produces).

Get Hacking

Inbox Mailers

Today’s hack is easier to test than a toxic personality.

Move your main CTA above the fold in your next email.

These results were impressive— you could find similar success.

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