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The Knowledge Base Q&A | August 29

The Knowledge Base Q&A

I have a secret weapon when I have a burning email marketing question that’s driving me nuts. His name is John Gardner. And now, each week, you can pick his brain, too. Welcome to The Knowledge Base, our Q&A session with my favorite Wizard of Inboxing. 

Q: Why are my open rates so abysmal?

A: First, let’s define abysmal. A decent open rate is at least 20%. Now, we’re not big on aiming for mediocrity. 20% open rates have plenty of room for improvement. But if you’re hovering below that 20% threshold, you’re definitely in danger. Abysmal isn’t such a bad word for it. If that’s where you’re at, here are the four most likely reasons your open rates suck.

Q: Everyone keeps talking about segmenting. Is segmentation really that big of a deal? 

A: Yes. Yes. YES! Segmentation is a huge deal. And we’re not just talking about your basic segmentation. You’ve got to go beyond unsubscribes, bounces, and lead vs. client messaging. What you should be doing is segmenting based on engagement. And it’s a whole lot easier than you might think. Best of all, the rewards can be mind-blowing. 

Q: I’m pretty sure I’ve broken every email rule out there. Is there a fast way to fix the damage?

A: Knowing you’ve got a problem is half the battle. Everybody makes mistakes. Some of us even make a lot of them. Getting back on track is possible, though. And by adopting these five best practices, you can make it happen on the fast track. It won’t happen overnight, but these course corrections might be the quickest path to the destination of a better email reputation.  

Have you got a question for the Wizard of Inboxing? Submit it here, and you may see it answered in a future edition. 

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