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Got those kiddos back in class, yet? Good, you can once again pop open a bottle of Moscato at lunchtime.

Today’s feature gives you bite-sized summaries of 10 books that should make a positive impact on your email game. Dip your toes and brain in…

5 Book Summaries For New Email Marketers

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

3 phases of marketing. Phase 3 gets ignored by too many business owners.

They Ask You Answer 

After your 50th marketing email, you may run outta ideas. Questions inside your audience’s head ensure you don’t.


Stories also fuel email ideas. Don’t worry if you suck at storytelling. This author simplifies the process… collect everyday notes on tiny events that involve CHANGE.


Teaches marketing psychology and basic human desires. Also, tips for writing effective long copy.

The Business Romantic

Business isn’t all about squeezing every ounce of productivity from your soul. This book gives insights on connection (title isn’t a green light to hit on subscribers😄).

5 Book Summaries For Experienced Email Marketers


Huge success seems like alotta work. But if you’re up to it, this book shows how to put customers first, max out loyalty, and keep innovating so you can one day give away millions to charity… and divorce lawyers😋. Book summary reveals Prime’s draw (not saving 💲).


Gives actionable tactics for standing out from competitors using microscopic changes. Summary lists a few examples (one is toothpaste with stripes boosting sales!).

The Go-Giver

I believe in the principles this summary provides, because riches fail to make folks happy. But nothing wrong with wealth and this book provides a path→ care more about the people spending their money with you.

The Fortune Cookie Principle 

When your brand has plateaued at 102,000 email subscribers or perfected a product, how do you level up? Craft better narratives and lean into intangibles … like tiny messages in cookies.

Behind The Cloud

Another how-to by a giant. The summary lays out how Salesforce maximized testimonials. Also, offline events catered to people other start-ups ignored. This summary highlights how Salesforce grew overseas too (not as impossible as ya think).

Full Books for Email Marketers

I’d suggest reading at least one full version of the books above. But do what you do.

The summaries offer plenty to take your email marketing campaigns and strategy up a notch. 

BTW. The guy who wrote those summaries did 365 book summaries in 2016 alone! He does animated book summaries here. 

#1 Best Subject Line in my Inbox? (+why it worked) 

email marketers

Triggered. Immediate delivery while they had my attention!

Read on for CTA mistakes, how to not worry, & Today’s Hack to kickstart fresh campaigns.

⭐Solid subject lines help get your emails opened.

But those other 27 emails have solid subject lines too.

So why should subscribers choose your email?

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Knowledge Base

💡Knowledge is power, but first, Baboon lessons on friendship

Call-to-Action! Check yours (9 CTA mistakes)

🌱Deliverability webinar for small publishers (Aug. 23rd)

Embed forms in emails (a how-to)

⚠Watch out for unintended subscribers’ (Yahoo & Gmail update)

Breaking News – ChatGPT good at something→ marketing personas

Self Help

self help

Old folks are hypochondriacs.

Young folks climate-condriacs.

All of us worrying about stuff we can’t do much about. Or aren’t.

Worrying isn’t doing.

Better to ignore most stuff like this real headline…

“Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals.

I simply don’t care. Because I drive an automobile among distracted dingbats daily.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

📢Abigail at Inside (biz community)

📢Davey at Perry Martel (recruiting)

Facts and Stats

  • Consumer survey: 61% of Gen Z (18 to 24) heavily prefers user-generated content vs. 48% of older Millennials (35 to 44) ~Video Insider

  • About one-third of U.S. respondents say they’ve little to no trust in Google Maps for discovering places that best fulfill their needs (Insider Performance)

  • Laundry detergent has the highest brand loyalty (grocery)— above addictive soft drinks & coffee (

Bonus: 61% of Americans currently living paycheck to paycheck. 45% of top-earners making $100k+ are too! (Lending Club)

Free Your Mind

And stop worrying about perfecting subject lines 24/7.

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Get Hacking

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