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Inbox Hackers, I’m so fired up I might work a full 5 hours today. Don’t worry, I know the risks.

Look, email is personal. So why do marketers underutilize relationship marketing in campaigns? It’s a big mistake not to nurture relationships with subscribers so let’s explore the benefits and examples of good relationship marketing.

Relationships are Relationships

Many marriages end because there is always someone else out there if a partner isn’t putting in much effort. 

Same goes for email campaigns. If emails are lackluster, there are a billion other emails subscribers can open instead. 

So… avoid the #1 relationship mistake according to a Professor of Psychology:

1️⃣Taking someone for granted.

Your email campaigns are not only competing against all the other email marketers. You’re up against busy people’s time constraints, video and audio content, and spam filters too. 

Your subscribers’ attention is a gift, don’t take it for granted.

Losing One Subscriber is a Big Deal

You’ll never keep 100% of readers. But losing a single subscriber because they don’t feel appreciated is throwing away money. Chasing new customers is thrilling, but ever noticed that it’s mostly chasing?

I prefer sitting on my butt letting current customers keep buying from me and opening my next email because I didn’t take them for granted.

It’s easier to sell to existing customers than to someone you’re chasing… it’s like stalking and stranger danger doesn’t sell.

relationship marketing

Real-Life Examples of Relationship Marketing

My buddy who used to own the beer / check-cashing store never failed to be open. And always had funds to cash each customer’s check. 

Every single payday, the same 200+ people depended on him to cash their checks. 

Well, he sold the place and the new owners stopped cashing checks for 3 weeks. It took just one week for word to spread though. Groups of workers at the same company all went to another business or started using a bank (which they hated in the first place + banks don’t sell beer😋). They never returned.

⭐Relationship marketing can be as simple as being insanely consistent so you never let your customers down. 

If you promise a weekly newsletter… never miss a week. 

(I’ve penned Inbox Hacking without fail twice a week for over 40 weeks… me, who thinks a 5-hour workday is a grind 😁, so anyone can be consistent!)

relationship marketing

8 Examples Beyond the Beer Store

A detailed list is here.

#1 Capital One – Helped customers avoid the most vile people on Earth (TSA)

#2 IKEA – Changed font back when customers hated new one

#3 Dell – Catered to corporate customers so they could avoid crowds (of peasants?)

#4 Sam’s Club – Early hours for VIP members to avoid lines

#5 GE – Produced some sci-fi podcasts (not much in it for them, just entertaining to customers)

#6 Dominos – Kept it real unlike most corporations as they highlighted mean reviews of their pizza/cardboard-edibles then promised improvements

#7 Hill’s Tool Rental – Local business owner helped me find parts for a pressure washer and didn’t charge me for taking up an hour of his time

#8 Enterprise Car Rental – Gave me a full-sized truck and let me bring it back with an empty gas tank because they didn’t have the smaller car I’d reserved.

Proof Relationship Marketing is Worth the Effort

Good customer relationships make selling easier. But that’s not all.

  • Brand missteps will be more forgivable
  • Positive reviews grow as valued customers make time for you
  • User-generated content is an easier ask
  • Company improvement happens because customers know you actually listen to feedback
  • Over half of Americans have a negative view of faceless corporations

Also, consumer surveys show people are let down when they receive offers they have zero interest in or have already bought. Why? The brand has shown little interest in getting to know them.

Wrapping up Relationship Marketing

3 actionable takeaways:

  • Segment your email audience so you know who your relationships are with
  • End bad relationships— delete subscribers who do not engage with your campaigns
  • By hook or by crook, find ways to make your content stand out and be more valuable than what readers find elsewhere

Take those steps so you won’t have to worry about a homewrecker running off with your subscribers.

Top 3 Subject Lines in my Inbox (+why they made me click)

  1. 🧵 Unraveling Threads (unique emoji & hot topic- Meta’s Threads)
  2. Liquidation pallets (the screenshot attached caught my eye) 
  3. Don’t miss this new event by Athens Comedy on Jul 12! (relevant, timely, local) 

Read on for a how-to on ChatGPT prompting, brain dumbbells, & Today’s Hack.

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Knowledge Base

🏋️‍♀️Knowledge is power but first, semi-motivation

7 SaaS welcome email examples

🤖Level up your ChatGPT prompt skills (8 min vid)

Using these 7 Types of behavioral segmentation?

🛒Advanced abandoned cart email workflow by Drip

5 methods for generating unique content topics

Self Help

New study found building lean muscle can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s by 12 percent.

Great, because there ain’t no pill for that.

“Despite the consistent rise in Alzheimer’s prevalence, we currently have no effective treatments for this debilitating disease,” Dr. Daghlas’ team explains in the journal BMJ Medicine. 

A third of future dementia cases will result from preventable factors. 

Our brains desperately need us to pick up a dumbbell, do a few body squats, and walk uphill some.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

Braden at Wilmington Biz (media)

Bryan at Cargill (global food)

Facts and Stats

  • Cold email— sending just one additional follow-up can boost replies by 65.8% (Backlinko)

  • 45% of email marketers are not using automation in onboarding/post-purchase emails (Litmus)

  • 81% of people prefer opening emails on their smartphones (Campaign Monitor)

Bonus: Bing’s average CPC is $1.54, 33% lower than Google Ads. 

Inboxes are more crowded than ever in history.

Many brands are seeing 8 out of 10 emails unopened, going to waste.

Demoralizing? Yes…

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Today’s Hack

Get Hacking

Send a promotional email right behind your next newsletter if a large percentage of your subscribers open the newsletter almost immediately upon arrival (check metrics).

These newsletter readers are more likely to open your promo email because they are in the middle of opening other emails.

Don’t have a newsletter? Then partner with someone who does and test sending a promo email right behind their newsletter.

ALT Hack – write 2 emergency newsletters to have in the can in case you’re ever in danger of missing a send.

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