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🥇Easy way to beat your competitors (customer service report)

customer service

New here? This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for Awesome email marketers wanting to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Today→ we highlight an Oracle report that shows where brands are screwing up with customer service.

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you I won’t be able to hug in person come Sunday. If that got awkward, it’s not you, it’s me.

Let’s focus. Brands far and wide are screwing up like it’s going outta style. Used to be delivering subpar customer service was a major problem. Subpar is now a step up for many organizations.

Oracle did an in-depth report on this problem which is an opportunity for you to blow right by thoughtless companies that couldn’t care less about “Dear Valued Customer #4398423.”

Let’s look closer (+should customer service ever end?).

B2B Businesses Aren’t Above Providing Good Experiences (are they?)

“After all, B2B service experiences are, at their core, person-to-person interactions. So what can B2B companies learn from how consumer-oriented companies operate?” ~Oracle report

Survey said… 

  • 76% say having a great experience with one industry raises their expectations for the customer service they receive across other industries.

Translated— brands doing it right are messing it up for the 24% who ain’t got time for that (‘that’, being customers who fund no-customer-service brands).

  • Even higher expectations from the 82% of Gen Z and Millennials who expect more after great experiences.

Younger folks have a habit. They flick past content and companies in a blink. They know other brands await on the next screen.

  • What produces positive experiences? Consumers ranked customer service above pricing (58% to 54%). 

Pricing matters but beware competitors willing to go outta business faster than you. A poor race to enter. This biz-minded professor agrees.

customer service

“Our research indicates B2B service experiences are held to the same standards as consumer experiences.” ~Oracle

Which 4 industries know what they’re doing?

Shadow These Industries for Top-Notch Customer Experience

The report found these industries ranked highest for customer service.

  1. Hospitality
  2. Retail / Consumer Goods
  3. Financial Services
  4. Consumer Electronics / Tech

The first two are case studies in patience. Which is a tough task.

Have you seen the jerks at hotel desks complaining about tiny inconveniences? How about retail return centers, aka hell on Earth full of pajama-clad weirdos?

Yes, customers and clients can be jerks and are not always right. When possible, jerks should be weeded out. Unless you enjoy having employees quitting left and right. See The Great Resignation.

But for the 99% of decent huggable people you want to keep as paying customers…

Give ’em What They Want

See rest of the chart in full report.

📞People don’t have time to stay on hold when they need human customer service. 

⏳They don’t have 30 minutes to go through 21 steps.

🌜Assistance is expected as problems hit, not just 9-5.

Those three things are not easy to accomplish, especially for smaller businesses. 

But every business can provide friendly service, which matters the most to 40% of consumers.

*Make it light on yourself. Issues that pop up repeatedly have to be corrected to preempt the next 99 calls / emails about the same problem.

An ounce of prevention’s worth a pound of crypto. ($28,111 BTC 🙂)

Example: FAQ pages. How many of those frequent issues could be solved before a customer even has to read the FAQ or hit up ChatBot Scott for help?

Closing Argument for Better Customer Service

Business is as competitive as it’s ever been. Don’t care which industry. 

Plus, pennies are being pinched with inflation spiking eggs, fuel, and drug prices. Even legal ones.

And simply treating your clients and customers better than the competition could (or will), is an easy advantage that brands shouldn’t ignore.

Keep reading for BS straight-talk + more fresh marketing stats.

Knowledge Base

⚡Knowledge is power…

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3 ill-advised growth hacks.

👜How to get in Gen-Z’s pocketbook (49% sales increase example)

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Self Help 

The trouble with advice?

Much of it’s bad.

For you and me anyway.

Sure, it worked for the well-meaning person handing the advice out.

But there’s no way to know if you’ll see similar success. 

Worse, there’s no time to test every slice of advice served up.

What do you do then?

At minimum, learn to weed out BS. 

You’ll free up more time to test less-bad advice.

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Facts and Stats

  • 30% of marketers don’t use AI because they believe it sometimes produces inaccurate info (HubSpot)

  • 78% of US consumers say helpful customer service agents are the top contributor to a positive service experience (Oracle)

  • 95% of B2B buyers say video plays a vital role in deciding to move forward with a purchase (BrightCove)

Bonus: Out of 53 industries, which one had the highest unsubscribe rate (Feb. 2023)? Restaurants.

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