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Email assistance w/ ChatGPT alternatives + 5 fresh tools

ChatGPT alternatives

This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for awesome email marketers wanting to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. If someone forwarded you our Newsletter, please sign up for your Free subscription. Today well look at 6 alternatives to ChatGPT + 5 other AI tools to assist with email & marketing campaigns.

Happy 4th, folks!

Im sure youre reading this on mobile at the pool with medium-well hotdogs on the grill. 

So Ill hop right into the ChatGPT alternatives and 5 bonus AI tools to assist you with email campaigns and other marketing tasks.

6 ChatGPT Alternatives 

Bard by Google

  • Limited use (US & UK for now)
  • Newbie AI so kinky
  • Has enormous Google data to work with 

Googles words on their ChatGPT alternative: We see it as a complementary experience to Google Search.

Bing AI by Microsoft

  • Can fuse with Microsoft Office & Teams
  • Can access up-to-date info unlike free version of ChatGPT
  • Requires sign-in for longer outputs


  • Works on mobile
  • Provides citations for info it spits out
  • Additional tools for images & coding

Poe via Quora

  • Uses multiple back-end AI models
  • Isnt using Quora Answers to train AI yet
  • Intends to be collaborative to improve user experience

ChatGPT alternatives


  • Sentence structure assistance
  • Can use voice commands
  • More nuanced than free version of ChatGPT, says HubSpot

Final ChatGPT Alternative


  • Clears up confusing language (though developer page needs plain language)
  • Claims unmatched accuracy
  • Early stage so theres a waitlist

See HubSpots full list of ChatGPT alternatives (including HubSpot-branded bots).

My Take on the above 6 AI Assistants

Megatron has the best name. Bard isnt a good name for anything.


  • No AI or human info is 100% infallible
  • Ease of use will matter more than features
  • A free full-featured version with ads will rival paid ChatGPT Plus
  • Voice command is a giant time saver retyping instructions sucks 

潃Poe could be a big winner if/when it does utilize Quora Answers since they contain terabytes more personal experiences than blogs and news articles that other AI models train on.

Its scary to think how many articles, emails, and video scripts are on the way that will contain fabricated anecdotes by a machine. 

But if they are helpful to the reader, does it matter? 

5 Bonus AI Tools to Check Out (w/ use cases) – use cases:

  • Track competitor pricing
  • Analyze customer sentiment

AVC Labs – uses:

  • Fix low-quality videos
  • Colorize black & white footage

Fireflies – uses:

  • Automate documentation
  • Fills out your CRM  – uses:

  • Analyze content for emotional impact
  • Extract keywords from content

MarketMuse – uses:

  • Automate content audits
  • Create content briefs

Most AI tools coming out have at least a free trial version. 

Paid versions are worth a spin if they cut your workload down and or make your content more appealing and engaging. 

Let me know if you test-drive any of the AI tools above. Or if you want me to test a specific tool, Ill be glad to climb under the hood ( helped create today’s feature image).

Read on for throw-back advertising tips, automation stats, & Todays Hack.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power but first, whatever it is, it aint so bad!

20 advertising nuggets from a man who made sales or didnt eat (direct response).

#1 ranked copywriter shows how to write an About Page.

Using direct mail with email? Even Millennials & Gen Z think you should.

Dont tell the kids but back to school email inspiration.

Imagine How Many of Your Emails Never Get Opened

Could be as high as 8 out of 10.

Pretty demoralizing, yeah? 

But it does not have to be this way.

You can dramatically increase your open rates with Inbox Mailers.

Users of this new tech are seeing 50% – 70% open rates consistently. 

Plus, Inbox Mailers re-engages your inactive subscribers.

Wait, if you think this requires you overhauling your entire system nope! This platform integrates with your current ESP, no changes required!

BTW, Inbox Mailers also increases click volume as open rates climb.

Dont let your email campaigns be ignored any longer.

Learn more with a free demo.


Self Help

Lack of connection makes me sick.

All of us actually. Loneliness can be as deadly as sucking on Marlboros (PBS 2023).

These warnings will fall on deaf ears as long as we choose relationships with podcasters or YouTubers over CALLING friends and family. 

Im guilty as anyone. 

Its easy to listen or watch exactly what fascinates us versus a boring chat with a friend about their paint-drying career, right?

If we dont change course though, we might as well bring back smoking in public, with secondhand smoke lingering over your Chili’s Queso.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

Cathy at Impulse Creative (agency)

Debbie at 100 Year Lifestyle (longevity)

Facts and Stats

  • Most automated channel in 2023 is email marketing (Statista)

  • Over 75% of marketing departments increased their conversion rates via marketing automation (Oracle)

  • 22% of respondents say software automation shortens their sales cycle (SmartInsights)
予One study showed it takes _____ purchases for a person to feel like a loyal customer. Answer is… at least 5.

3x Your Open Rates with This Engagement Trigger 

Theres a new technology that enables you to send more engagement triggers to your list.

This creates a virtuous cycle that boosts your reputation, deliverability, sender scores, and IP health all at once. Brands leveraging this tech are tripling their open rates and seeing click volume climb as well.

Learn more with a free demo.

Dont miss out on this patent-pending technology that also re-engages inactive subscribers (up to 30% of dead lists are re-engaged by Inbox Mailers users).


Get Hacking

July 4th A good time to free yourself from entanglements.

Todays hack is multiple choice. Choose which one youll free yourself of before next week.

  1. An element of your email templates thats overused and stale
  1. A paid tool subscription youre not utilizing (good advice to myself)
  1. Your most unengaged subscribers (remove them or try reEngaged if youve got lots of them)

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