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Email case studies to guide you (quick takeaways)

email case study

Morning, hope you got to enjoy a long MLK Holiday weekend. Studies show 3-day weekends beat 2-day weekends. More research is needed, so I’m taking off the next 49 Mondays. I’ll let ya know.

Today I’ve got a pile of concise and power-packed insights from 7 email case studies GetResponse compiled. 

You’ll get key takeaways aimed at reducing your email struggles. Learn from other organizations’ problems and the solutions that turned things around. 


email case study

A real place in Georgia and in many email marketing campaigns.

Key struggles exposed in these case studies:

  • Long sales cycles
  • Being personal w/ giant audience
  • Testing woes
  • Varying customer awareness stages
  • Adding offline connections
  • Avoiding junk folders 
  • Audience new to topic
  • Helping partner organizations rise up

Many people would quit if facing such challenges. I did. 

Ok, I’m back. 😎

(((Bonus case studies from Inbox Mailers )))

Techniques > Struggles

These techniques conquered those challenges.

  1. Epic lead magnet full of info and sharp outer aesthetics
  2. Social proof in emails reeled in abandoned carts
  3. Faster-educating styles for new users
  4. Welcome series converted to ‘Learn, Like, Trust, Buy’ principle
  5. Refined messages for a refined audience
  6. Increased automation

Numbers that Stood Out

Stand back. Big numbers showing off the spoils of using the above techniques.

  • A brand’s 32,000 subscribers felt more connected
  • Simple / helpful lead magnet w/ 125 topic definitions (coding)
  • 1,200 new sign-ups from the magnet ↑↑
  • Fresh landing page produced 51k+ sign-ups
  • Smoothed flow of email sequence→ 54% total sales rate
  • 41.30% sales rate during welcome series 
  • 1,200% boost in order value by enhancing newsletter (segmented training & tools)
  • 202% conversion boost via glowing reviews inside the email 

What Industry Though?

Do those case studies’ findings apply to your industry or niche?

IDK. I’m busy storing classified documents under the sink and clowning AI writers.

See for yourself the organization types involved below:

  • Tutoring 
  • IT trainers
  • Philanthropic foundation (health focus)
  • Coffee 
  • Community organization support (tech)
  • Mobile accessories
  • Home decor / furniture (who’s got time to sit?)

Top Takeaways

email case study

Soak up my top takeaways from the email case studies.

  • Consider what your competition’s email content is lacking
  • The most informative lead magnet on Earth needs appealing graphics
  • Ask yourself what your audience doesn’t know yet (segment by segment)
  • Track lead acquisition costs (paying for lists ONLY costs you!)
  • Test assumptions about the audience
  • Sign-up pages need revamping regularly (quick-n-easy)
  • Test ways to speed up buying decisions in campaigns
  • An intentional structured welcome email series produces more sales
  • Discount coupons work, so why don’t mailers share discounts from partner brands?
  • Take advantage of your ESP’s subject line split-testing 
  • High-priced products are not one-click products (relationships complete those sales)

Email Case Studies Summed Up

email case study

Case studies can guide your email marketing. But who has time to do them?

Wake up! The folks I just talked about! Use their testing to guide you.

Major time saver not having to make mistakes they made.

I think that’s the point of case studies. Correct me if I’m…

I’m not😅, so please take advantage of the takeaways I gleaned for you. 

Go dive deeper in the full email case studies at GetResponse if you’ve got plenty of free time or need to ride the clock. 

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power, but breathe a little first.

Fight the power of form bots with these SalesForce quick tips.

55% of B2B buyers search social for information + (9 more B2B sales stats)

Marketing humor. Who’s the lone person capable of making sad AI ads watchable? 

Is Facebook the right place to add emails to your list? 

Self  Help 

Haven’t found the key to monetizing your email list?

Here are 3 options (and my take):

#1 Affiliate – Easy to start. No products to source or produce. Just build a big audience and locate affiliate products that fit the audience. Takes the headache out of shipping and makes accounting simple. 

Problem? Building an audience is not easy. Keeping them engaged, harder. Also, watch for slimy partners, lest you end up shamed on CoffeeZilla’s investigations.

#2 Sell ad space in your newsletter –  A good angle because of rampant fraud in PPC ads. Advertisers can deal directly with you. A real human and they can see their ads are running when they open your emails. Unlike Google and Facebook ads where they have no idea where the ads show up or IF they show up.

#3 Consulting – Is it scalable? For $500/hr I’ll tell ya. 

Most say no. But after two years of consulting, you’ll have tons of content plus deep insights on client problems. To then create informational products → scalable. Consider yourself consulted, just now😉.

Re-engage your dead list asap with Inbox Mailers’ Network Effect. Schedule a demo and thank me later.

inbox mailers demo

Chew on MailMunch’s longer list of monetization options.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hacking Subscribers → Justine @ McKesson (health) and Allie @ SyncShow (ROI rockers)

Facts and Stats

  • 92% of marketers believe they’d make better decisions with well-designed presentation of marketing data
  • Consumers’ #1 buying concern→ A tie between product availability & price 
  • Including questions in emails increases response rates by 50% (Bloomberg)

*Pre Inbox Mailers Quote Circa 2014… “The best time to get a medical exam is when you find yourself drinking a Red Bull on the beach. If you have too little energy to do nothing, see a doctor, stat. ~ ‘Beach Metal Detector Guy’

Marketing Musings

Supply chain is still a hot mess.

Bad news. But good news for hoarders with garages on the brink of bursting with 4,000% too much junk.

Can you use supply-chain woes in email campaigns, whether you sell physical products or not?

Yep. 5 Ways:

  1. Send inventory alerts
  2. Be a source of info on shortages in your niche
  3. Curate lists of item shortages in your industry
  4. Partner with creators who hand-make products to substitute for lagging mass-produced items
  5. Educate subscribers on inventory no-nos like overstocking that can put e-sellers out of business

Problems = opportunities. (That’ll be $500)

Get Hacking

Easy one. Test an email outside your comfort zone. 

Use an alternate format. For example, a comic, infographic, or storyboard version of your email.

Test send to engaged readers. Ask their opinion, check opens, clicks, and conversions.

If it’s well-received, test further with more of your list.

A new format, even occasionally, could save you time, freshen things up, and produce more sales.

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