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Email statistics outlook: 19 statistics affecting emailers (w/ 🤾‍♂️action tips)

Email statistics outlook

This is Inbox Hacking, a free newsletter with Email Marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. If someone forwarded you our Newsletter, please sign up for your Free subscription. Today, 19 statistics affecting email marketers right now.

Top of the morning, folks. Today’s feature lays out 19 marketing statistics that affect email marketers. I’ll lay them out along with action tips based on these facts.

Read the feature… it’ll be a nice break from back-to-school shopping for you parents— my advice is get a payday loan or second mortgage💰.

Email Statistics Outlook for 2023 and Beyond

  1. Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails (LinkedIn)

This doesn’t even tally the money saved via time savings.

  1. 23% of consumers who open an email on a phone will open that email again later, often on desktop (Backlinko)

Optimize for mobile but also give reasons to reopen the email.

  1. Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than just one email (Onminsend)

Writing 3 short automated emails is not a big ask, especially considering the upside.

  1. B2C email campaigns experience 8% more unique opens than B2B (Emfluence)

If you’re B2B, subscribe to B2C brands to learn why they get more opens.

  1. Marketers’ most favored email category is newsletters, welcome emails #2 (Litmus)

Even microscopic businesses can utilize a newsletter (12 sends per year, easy) but without a welcome email, results diminish.

  1. Email marketing revenue is projected to hit $10.89 billion by end of 2023 (Statista)

Inboxes are packed with marketing messages but the pie and payoff keep growing.

Email Campaigns that Flop

Email can’t overcome all issues…

⭐7) Almost half of sellers say their biggest data challenge is incomplete data (LinkedIn)

Email statistics outlook

This can cause:

  • Faulty list segmentation
  • Irrelevant offers (which subscribers despise)
  • Useless email addresses (typos, for example)


8) 76% of top performers say they “always” perform research before prospect outreach versus 47% for other sellers (LinkedIn)

Cold emails work but not without pre-work. 

Email statistics outlook

9) 43% of Cyber Monday sales come from mobile devices (Adobe)

Adding SMS marketing to an email strategy is smart, if only for the top shopping days.

Email Statistics Outlook Shows Opportunities for Marketers

10) 24% of retail purchases are expected to take place online by 2026. (Statista)

⭐Thousands of old-school businesses will soon go under because they refuse to evolve. That’s not your problem, that’s your opportunity.

11) China is the largest e-commerce market globally, generating almost 50% of the world’s transactions (International Trade Administration)

12) 89% of buyers say they are more likely to consider a brand if a seller changes the buyer’s way of thinking (LinkedIn)

Email provides a gateway for this. An email subscription lays the groundwork for sales.

Email Level of Difficulty Versus SEO 

13) Only .63% (point .63%🤯) of searchers clicked links on Google’s second page (Backlinko)

14) Organic CTR for positions 8-10 is virtually the same (Backlinko)

15) Longer keywords tend to have a higher CTR: keywords 10 to 15 words in length get 1.76x more clicks than single-word terms (Backlinko)

Google domination is nearly impossible for small organizations. Even if you make it to the top 3 spots, what misery to get unseated after two or three years of super-hard SEO work!

SEO is awfully complex and stressful too, leading to tons of weed and whiskey purchases by marketers.

Email marketing is simpler, more controllable, and less volatile. 

Tweaks to Evolve Email Strategies

Times are changing though so email strategies have to adjust. 

16) 73% of people like to learn about products or services through short-form videos. 11% prefer text-based articles. 4% prefer infographics. 3% an ebook/manual. And 3% prefer webinars. (Wyzowl)

Video is not the death of email or the written word. Just another opportunity. If it takes a short video to get a sale, then test linking videos inside email campaigns. At minimum, use GIFs to attract and keep a subscriber’s attention and propel more clicks.

17) Conducting A/B testing for landing page designs can increase conversions by 12% (Blogging Wizard)

Many businesses never succeed or completely fail. Smallish improvements of 12% get brands unstuck.

18) A 1-star increase in Yelp rating results in a 5-9% revenue increase (Harvard Business School)

An older study but… 9% boost in revenue! If you have an email list, you have the power to improve reviews fast. Simply ask your most loyal readers to write a review.

19) 87% of consumers won’t use a business with less than a 3-star rating (BrightLocal)

I looked at a dental website yesterday with a Yelp link on their homepage. Their rating? 2.8 stars. Yikes! Who is leaving that link on there! But, again, how many happy patients could easily be emailed and asked to leave a 5-star review?

Bottom Line on Email 

Email can fix a ton of business problems. 

And it’s still effective no matter what marketing trends pop up because it’s:

  • Adaptable
  • Personal
  • And the most cost-effective form of marketing

Many stats above compiled via OptinMonster

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Facts and Stats

  • Customers buying via email marketing campaigns spend 138% more than consumers who don’t receive email offers (Startup Bonsai)

  • 93% of marketers say gamification and interactive content are effective for educating their buyers (Marketing Profs)

  • Made for Advertising (low-quality) websites comprised a startling 21% of impressions & 15% of online ad spend (ANA Report)

Bonus: Nearly 95% of keywords get only 10 monthly searches or less. Marketing Insider Group

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Email statistics outlook