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📩How to keep email subscribers from divorcing you

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Inbox Hackers… soon as I finish today’s newsletter, I’m taking a much-deserved break… ok, barely-deserved. But who’s to stop me? 

First though, I’ve got 7 things – little things – you can do to keep your email subscribers happy and engaged. Shocking what you can learn from a tatted-up divorce lawyer. Let’s get into it.

Email Subscribers, Til Death Do Us Part

So, this divorce attorney had great insights on staying happily married. 

Be a world-class lover? Buy your spouse exotic gifts? Nope. 

He said it’s the little things. One soon-to-be ex-wife told him the exact moment she knew her marriage was over.

“He stopped buying my granola.”

The husband, for three years, bought her special brand of granola and placed it in the cabinet when he saw it running low. Then one week he didn’t. She noticed, figured he got busy and overlooked it, so she put the empty container on the counter… and still, nothing!


Things Your Email Subscribers Don’t Care About

  • You going viral (it fades fast)
  • Number of social followers you have
  • How many other email subscribers you’ve got

Spouses of famous people initiate divorce proceedings all the time. 

Fame isn’t attractive when you’re not happy.

Hollywood doesn’t make Rom Coms about regular date nights or anniversary cards but those little things make relationships last.

email subscribers

Enough matrimony musings… 

Below— 7 proven little things to keep email subscribers happy and engaged.

7 Things Email Subscribers Love

  1. Emails that resonate with them individually, not the masses. 

Always be segmenting your list.

  1. Subject lines with a payoff in the email copy.

Better to write a subject line that doesn’t get opened versus being tricky.

  1. Content they expect.

Review your welcome email and double-check your last 12 emails to see if your subscribers are getting what the welcome promised.

  1. Info, stories, and takes they can’t get from 19 other cookie-cutter emailers.

It’s ok to stand out. Email subscribers who leave as a result? Good! They didn’t fit, others out there do.

  1. Being sold to by genuine brands.

email subscribers

People are not dumb-dumbs (well, 89% aren’t). They understand they’re getting free content in exchange for being open to your pitches. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to sell. We’re not playing tiddlywinks, there’s no UBI, and capitalism’s still in effect.

  1. Not being trapped in a bad relationship.

Not a good idea to have subscribers who were scraped onto your email list. Let people sign-up properly for emails and don’t make unsubscribing a chore.

  1. A proper heads-up.

Emails that show up on random days are less likely to get opened. Keep a regular mailing schedule because humans are creatures of habit – in the inbox too.

There ya go. 

7 little things any mailer can do to keep from seeing email subscribers’ tail lights after a sad breakup.

Best Subject Line in My Inbox (+why it worked)

Works due to a crucial update via the main mobile email player→ Apple.

Read below for an email language opportunity, smart writing advice, & Today’s Hack for subject lines.

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Thought about emailing in different languages? 

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Great subject lines are crucial but can’t do all the work.

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Self Help

self help

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” ~Elmore Leonard

Should help with your emails, blog posts, scripts, etc.

This next quote just helps.

“If it sounds discouraging, don’t say it.” ~some dude

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

🏀Catherine at Memphis Grizzlies

📢Cathy at 3-GIS (infrastructure)

Facts and Stats

  • 29% of marketers believe AI will deteriorate creativity (Email Insider)

  • 63% of users trust AI email-generation tools but double-check the work / 24.7% fully rely on AI-generated emails (Selzy)

  • 80+% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics use Spanish at least half the time when they read, write, or watch videos (AWeber)

Bonus: We’re becoming dumber daily. Guess what B2B people believe the 14th most confusing business term is… “Internet”   

The Power of They

Why do some emails get insanely high open rates? 

Because the subscriber caused the email to arrive. Examples:

  • Welcome emails after they sign up
  • Shipping confirmation email after they buy running shoes
  • Reminder email after they abandon their cart

They trigger those emails. No wonder they want to open them.

Inbox Mailers’ triggered emails work on this same principle.

Subscribers receive these triggered emails while they’re reading emails they purposely kept. So naturally, they also open the triggered email arriving at that moment.

See Inbox Mailers in action, schedule a free live demo. 


Get Hacking

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Look at the dust on those automated emails. Subject lines with outdated references to Game of Thrones or The Spanish Flu.

Today’s the day to freshen up those stale subject lines (falling open rates in your ESP dashboard will point to staleness).

✴ALT Hack: Don’t use automated emails? 😢 Ok, implement personalized milestone emails.

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