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📩How your ESP affects deliverability


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Hopefully, spring has sprung in your neck of the woods and if not, U-Haul is open 7 days a week. 

Inbox Hackers, I’ve got bad news. Your ESP could be the culprit that’s keeping your emails from landing safely in inboxes. Shocking news, I know. So if you’re looking at alternatives to your current email service platform or just starting with email marketing, this deliverability report breakdown will help guide those decisions.

Biggies in the Report 

The ESP deliverability report I came across was put out by Email Tool Tester (not sure what those folks do 😃).

But they’ve been holding ESPs’ feet to the fire since 2017. Testing their ability to land in inboxes.

What stood out to me (combined last 3 test avg.):

  1. The 800-pound gorilla’s struggles – MailChimp deliverability rate 87.9%
  2. Benchmark hit last place with a 43.4% deliverability rate
  3. HubSpot managed just 72.1% 

Even the most recognizable ESPs have flaws. So it may be time to A/B test→ another ESP entirely!

*We use Active Campaign BTW, which ranked #1 (93%) in deliverability during Email Tool Tester’s latest biannual test.

See? Email Deliverability Does Have a Ton of Moving Parts

It’s not just a cliche. 

Your email marketing can get derailed by any number of factors.

Can’t spend all your energy on subject lines. Or design options. Or segmenting until your mouse dies.

It takes a multi-pronged strategy. And who would think that your ESP would be unintentionally stabbing your deliverability in the back?

Let’s look closer at the crime scene.

The Long View on Testing Results

To show that any ESP can stumble, get this. Active Campaign saw a dip in September of 2020 with a 73% deliverability rate.

Active Campaign bounced back (no pun intended… ok, intended) in March of 2021 with a 91.1% showing.

The lesson? If you don’t track email metrics closely, a ton of your emails can end up missing, tossed in with spam, or hidden in the promotions tab.


It’s not smart to say “we’ll get ‘em in the inbox next month!” Pay attention to deliverability drop-offs to find the source and fix the issue.

ETT’s last 10 tests showed the following average deliverability rates for all tested ESPs:

2017— 83.7%

2018— 84.7%

2019— 79.7% / 83.8% (biannual tests)

2020— 79.6% / 85.2% (biannual tests)

2021— 88.9% / 85.3% (biannual tests)

2022— 84.2% 

Jan 2023— 80.9%🙈

Deeper View

This report also details various difficulties of ESPs delivery to specific mailboxes (i.e. Convert Kit struggled with Microsoft inboxing but was welcomed by AOL and Yahoo mailboxes).


Will you drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why one mailbox provider blocks your campaigns versus another? Yep, so meditate more or something, because deliverability details have to be addressed if you don’t want a ton of your emails to never see the light of day.

And don’t assume your ESP is successfully delivering the maximum number of emails simply because it’s one of the most-used email services or has bells and whistles galore.

🥇MailerLite had the best deliverability rate for the combined average of the last 5 testing rounds.

The Bottom Line on Deliverability and ESPs

Broad studies on deliverability can open your eyes to problems even though your subscriber base is unique. 

I preach on audience uniqueness a lot, right? But in this case, it doesn’t matter if you know your audience like the back of your hand if your ESP can’t get past Gmail’s spam filters. 


Or… even if your click rates are off the charts in Gmail, wouldn’t it be nice to get clicks from Yahoo users who have to dig just to find your emails?

Read on for fresh stats, Knowledge Base, & a bottom-line-boosting hack.

Knowledge Base

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Self Help 

You’d be shocked how much 5 or 6 words of encouragement mean.

That’s probably a lie, honestly. 

Hard to be shocked when you don’t witness the effects of your encouragement.

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Facts and Stats

  • A ‘no-reply’ sender address can appear as spam-like behavior even in transactional emails (Validity)
  • 19% of all emails have either gone completely missing or been caught by spam filters (Email Tool Tester) 
  • Worst-performing industries for inboxing success— Business Services, Telecoms, & Finance / Insurance (Validity)

Bonus: 88.21% of Email Marketers tip better than trust fund babies and NBAers.

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Marketing Musings

It’s easy to overthink email marketing. 

Subject line night-sweats. Unsubscribe anxiety. Spam trap suspicions.

Sometimes, though, the simplest step can produce higher open rates.

Yahoo agrees with me (smart move 😁).

“Yahoo advises senders to avoid emailing at the top of the hour. Senders will generally encounter less traffic and reduced server loads if messages are spread out across a broader period.”

Rather give your elevator pitch in an elevator with 7 other marketers at noon or… just you and your potential client at 11:37 a.m.?

Get Hacking

Make a list and I don’t even care if you check ✅✅ it twice.

Write down options for A/B testing your email offers. Examples:

  • Free Shipping vs. 20% Off
  • Light vs. Aggressive CTA
  • BOGO vs. Double Reward Points
  • Referral Rewards (costs you $) vs. Referral Gamification (no cost to you)

Make the list today. You’ve got the rest of 2023 to test→ just two at a time.

*Know another brilliant email marketer? Please forward this newsletter to them (thank you).

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