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On tap in today’s edition of Inbox Hacking:

  • 3 persuasion tactics you can use right away in email campaigns
  • Fresh Knowledge Base section, includes deliverability warning signs
  • Self help via one of my favorite ads ever
  • Key stats affecting marketers
  • Today’s hack (double actually)

I woke up at 4:40 a.m. to start on today’s newsletter so we better get to it before a nap overtakes me…

Steve O Lessons = Persuasive Emails

HubSpot highlighted the brilliance of Steve Jobs. Way to go out on a limb.

Still, the 3 persuasion tactics he used are helpful as you beg, steal, borrow, push, and nudge your subscribers to take the actions you want them to.

  1. Labor Illusion Effect
  2. Halo Effect
  3. Von Restorff Effect

These are psychological effects. Since no human being can escape them, they are effective. Except on sociopaths, I guess.

Labor Illusion Effect for Persuasive Emails

I used this one to start today’s newsletter. And it was true, I got up at 20 minutes til 5 a.m. to write this newsletter.

Steve Jobs gushed about how long Apple’s new gadgets took to develop.

“By highlighting the countless hours, weekends, and years dedicated to perfecting Apple devices, he invoked a psychological principle known as the labor illusion.” ~HubSpot

This effect is real and you’ll see it everywhere if you look.

  • It’s why people believe home-grown veggies taste better
  • Why home-cooked meals are the bomb
  • Why BBQ ads tell us how long the brisket was smoked

And those are just food-based ones. I’ll toss in how Kobe Bryant counted made-shots in practice until he got to 400, making his labor as impressive as winning 5 NBA Titles.

Next up, Halo…

Halo Effect

Steve Jobs used ads that put Apple in the same vein as folks like Ghandi.

“By associating Apple with groundbreaking figures like Gandhi, Einstein, John Lennon, and Picasso, Jobs created positive associations between these visionary individuals and the Apple brand.” ~HubSpot

Steve was super humble😅. Oh, and footage of historic figures is often free versus hiring Kevin Durant to promote your stuff. (free film resources)

The article author tested the Halo Effect and it generated about 3 times more interest in his podcast.

Not to mention, HubSpot used the Halo Effect by inserting Steve Jobs into the article on these persuasion techniques. The psychological effects are impressive and already proven but stand out when connected to a brilliant (and modest) innovator. 

Standing out is what the next tactic is all about.

Von Restorff Effect

Be weird, be remembered. (The key is to not let your odd marketing ploys outshine what you’re marketing).

Von Restorff-type research has shown:

  • A word outside the category of other words in a list stands out
  • Numbers are 30X more memorable when placed alongside letters
  • A red tomato immediately catches your eye in a basket full of green ones

*This effect is not quite as pronounced in older adults.

Steve Jobs made Apple products ‘weird’ in the computer world where gadgets were not slick and sexy, just functional. 

🔻I’ve got a couple of emails in my inbox that use one-word subject lines. One mailer uses calls-to-action with an http:// link written out – clunky on purpose to stand out from typical links. One newsletter comes up with stories I have not and will not see elsewhere. 

These persuasive emails stand out to me. I read them more often than others that blend in with the masses.

Time to close.

Persuasion Tactics Wrap-up 

There’s no reason not to utilize all three of those tactics to create more persuasive emails.

#1 Labor Illusion— You work hard on your content so tell your readers about the grind.

#2 Halo Effect is easy, just be creative like Jobs – he’d prescribe psychedelic popsicles (legally I can’t).

#3 Von Restorff Effect is getting harder as marketers all look for ways to stand out. Luckily there’s not another weirdo just like you out there. Don’t take that the wrong way😅. 

Read on – we’ve got Effies and Gen Z marketing findings.

Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power, so is human potential.

7 marketing podcasts (some can help you today, some in 5 years— choose wisely).

🤔Forget personalized marketing for a sec & get personal (video).

Need better email survey questions? Pew Research how-to (video).

🏆2023 Effie winners.

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book demo

self help

Self Help

Killing two birds with one stone.

One of the best ads I ever saw and a way to deal with life.

Free tip to go with it→ Build routines and don’t let feelings alter them. 

(Also, don’t murder birds🦆🦅)

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

📢Ali at Citrin Cooperman (professional services)

📣Alexis at CHOA (children’s healthcare)

Facts and Stats

  • Pinterest survey shows a positive online environment ultimately led to a purchase for 54% of respondents

  • 47% of Gen Z shop online while watching TV, 44% have paused a TV ad to look up a product or buy it, & 34% have purchased a product through a TV ad QR code (Media Post)

  • 56% of marketers use automation for segmentation (Snov)

Bonus: Wait, Dolly Parton holds how many Guinness World Records? 10


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Get Hacking

Writers live interesting lives. Great stories come easier that way.

Something to think about as an email marketer.

Why not test yourself with more adventures and bring your subscribers along?

Don’t worry if you can’t at the moment though. 

Many great writers possess a bottomless pit of creativity and can bring their readers along without leaving their desk.

(ALT hack – clean your email list before Google hits this giant delete)

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