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🔎Murky future of SEO (steps to take)

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Top of the morning. I’m in the midst of a 30-day no-beer and planking challenge with friends. Pray for me. And those around me.

Today’s Feature looks at the best way to use AI writers to prepare for a future we can’t see yet. Not many marketers are using this tactic, but should because of the foggy future of SEO. After the Feature, I’ll unleash these sections:

  • The Knowledge Base (tools galore)
  • Self Help (brain bully)
  • Facts & Stats 
  • Get Hacking (old-school engagement)

Let’s tear into the future of SEO.

SEO Future

With AI on the scene, no one knows the future of SEO. Heck, it isn’t obvious anyone has known much about SEO, period!

SEO can be a pretty maddening way to market a business. And any business that puts all their eggs in the Google search basket is asking for a brutal financial lesson.

Currently, it’s the Googsters who might get a harsh egg/basket lesson because search has been turned on its head in the past six months. I use on roughly 85% of my searches and go back to Google the rest of the time. All I want are summaries. Millions of people feel the same.

That makes the future of SEO hard to predict. What tactics will work? How will Google match AI tools like Perplexity? Will Bing have a chance with Google on the ropes? On and on…

This I know for sure – it can’t hurt to clone every piece of content you make going forward. 

Summaries are the Future of SEO

Yep, AI is the SEO disruptor due to its ability to produce summaries of content. Quick answers are popular for obvious reasons in our time-poor society. So, take advantage of one of the few proven superpowers of AI.

Utilize an AI tool to write summaries of ALL your content. Start with the next article you write or video script or podcast transcription. Then, work your way back through past content you’ve produced if you have the resources. 

Even if the majority of people stop preferring summaries in their online searches (not happening) you will be doubling your content. And you’ll be offering it in two forms. People can choose which one they prefer – short or long.

Thing is, the short summaries should help your future SEO efforts because some portion of summary-lovers will click over to the longer version. Perplexity’s boss-man said about 10% of their users click over to source links from summaries (via CNBC interview).

I get it…

This Future SEO Hack Sounds Too Easy

Every guru shouts about easy marketing hacks. 100% of YouTube headlines proclaim everything is easy.

“The easy way to become an expert copywriter in 3 days!” “Easily fix your dryer in 2 minutes!”

No one would click if the headline was, “Fix your dryer in 8 hours and 4 trips to Home Depot (beware electrocution too)!”

Where was I?

Yes, this SEO summary hack is legit easy. Plenty of AI tools can take your 2000-word blog post and turn it into a summary in 60 seconds. I like Grammarly’s paid AI for this (example at end of this post) because it gives you automatic prompts to create summaries (plus other one-click prompts). You don’t even have to type the prompt in.

But I’m sure Perplexity, GPT, and Claude can handle summaries for future SEO purposes too. 

Just watch out for AI hallucinations (lies)

False information would hurt your future SEO efforts. 

Matter of fact, slung five awesome “marketing facts from recent studies” at me last Tuesday… all totally made up! 

“Oh, those were hypothetical statistics,” Claude told me when I called the little fella out. WTH, Claude.

But since you’ll be using AI to write summaries of what you already wrote, there shouldn’t be many of those mishaps (always check AI writers’ work, though). Plus, summaries are short, obviously, so it won’t take five minutes to proofread them. 

Just be aware that AI tools are dum dums when it comes to numbers. It’ll take some tweaking to get the bots to summarize within your designated word count. 

The Only Problem with this Future SEO Tactic

Creating content summaries is a breeze. Knowing where to put the summaries is the issue. 

We always hear that duplicate content can hurt your SEO, right?

So, you don’t want to stick a full article and the connected summary back-to-back on your blog. 

Places you can safely use summaries:

  • In meta descriptions
  • On social media
  • Include them in email newsletters 
  • Online directories
  • Print advertisements
  • As callouts in PDFs or reports

Another tactic is alternating content. Perhaps post one summary for every three long-form pieces of content you post. You can use the longer piece of content as a download linked from the summary in this case.

Lastly, you could use summaries inside video or audio to help your future SEO. However, I won’t tell you that’s easy. Not yet, despite all the hype about easy AI video and audio. It’s not there yet IMO. Or the good stuff is too costly for most businesses to use and get a decent ROI on. 

The Knowledge Base is next after we clean up those…

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Four tools, free-trial tips, and more below.

The Knowledge Base 

🆓Level up your free trial offers (6 tips)

Lovely how-to for eviscerating your competition

🧐How to implement email exclusivity (boosts customer lifetime value)

Lead gen landing pages 101

🎭Need icons? Search 5 million (via Wonder Tools)

What email marketers aren’t measuring

🏡Too dependent on social media for real estate marketing?

Automated video captions – 48 languages (via HubSpot review)

✏️AI generated pics that actually work (   

Make cool data GIFs for free

And free up head space with the following…

Self Help

Public notice to young folks. Thinking is overrated. Isn’t very productive. And exhausting. 

Try more doing, less thinking. Your brain will be less of a bully. You’ll sleep better too, with a different type of exhaustion, that’s not all mental. Old folks like me learned this the hard way.

Facts and Stats

  • Impulse Buying: 48% of people are likely to do so on a phone, compared to 19% on a laptop & 10% on a desktop (Slickdeals)
  • Shoppers don’t mind spending via app payments— less painful than spending w/ cash, cards, bank transfers (
  • Appealing interior design can create a positive customer experience without full reliance on friendly staff (Wiley)

Bonus: Freemium Models: The more videos an upgraded premium member views, the lower their probability of terminating service. (Wiley)

Now, what to do about non-signer-uppers?

What’s the roadblock to email list growth?

Forms. People now avoid filling out forms like the plague. You know this because you avoid forms yourself. Me too.

So, go around this roadblock and 10x list growth with AI-assisted lead gen. Collect email addresses of up to 40% of your anonymous website traffic – no forms needed. Finally, serious email list and Network Audience growth!

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Get Hacking

Test two different types of contests to get engagement.

  1. Ask for short submissions sent in via text message (i.e., joke or photo contest) to build a text marketing list.
  2. Ask for long submissions sent in via email (think essays or stories) to build an email list.

The second one will get fewer submissions but those willing to write more than a few sentences are likely better leads. 

Contests still work but are underutilized. Radio has benefited from contests for decades, and nope, radio has not been wrecked by Spotify, Apple, Pandora, etc. (radio crushes them – it isn’t even close for those aged 35 and up).

Thanks for making time for us. If you know another epic marketer, please share Inbox Hacking with them.

Shane McLendon, Copy Kingpin – Inbox Hacking 

P.S. Grammarly summary of today’s Feature Story: The future of SEO is up in the air with AI coming into the picture. Using AI to create content summaries is a big deal for future SEO success and one of the truly easy marketing hacks. AI tools can whip up summaries super quick and easy, but watch out for fake info they might throw in. Figuring out where to use these summaries without causing duplicate content issues can be tricky. You can pop them in meta descriptions, on social media, in email newsletters, online directories, and print ads. Try adding these summaries into your videos or audio content – but those possibilities are not easy yet, IMO, or could be too costly to implement at high-quality levels.