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🛑Prevent business slumps w/ highlights from 2 reports

sales enablement

This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for email marketers eager to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Sales struggles can be avoided with a look into buyer brains— 2 sales reports give us that peek.

Welcome back to those who were off for the Juneteenth holiday. 

In today’s feature story, I’ve got highlights from two sales reports. One focuses on digital selling, the other on sales enablement. These key highlights should help you avoid sales slumps and get yourself out of one if need be. 

Let’s get on with it.

2 Sales Reports (by Showpad)

  1. Digital Selling 
  1. Sales Enablement

FYI: Sales enablement is the set of tools and content provided to sales teams to help them sell smarter and more. Sales enablement also includes the processes that marketers undertake to help sales reps sell. ~Oracle

🤨Only 29% of salespeople are trained to sell virtually ~SalesForce

Takeaways from Digital Selling Report

This first report focuses on the cost to brands that have digital reluctance. Example, debating a TikTok strategy for 12 months— then you’re a year behind or too late altogether.

⭐86% of U.S. buyers prefer being sold to virtually. (87% U.K.)

Why? Buyers wanna avoid some icky old-school selling techniques:

  • Salespeeps refusing to accept a no (said 48% of survey respondents)
  • Persistent calls / messages (47%)
  • Salesperson’s limited product knowledge (27%)

Also, about a quarter of buyers said salesfolk sent too much information.

Professional Selling isn’t Consumable?

B2B needs more B2C tendencies.

LinkedIn wasn’t even close to other platforms when it came to business purchases. 

YouTube nearly doubled LinkedIn’s influence, Instagram more than doubled it, and Facebook, which sadly refuses to die, had almost triple the impact of LinkedIn!

sales enablement
Chart via Showpad

⭐87% of businesses see social selling as instrumental to the future of B2B selling.

(Seth Godin’s thoughts on social selling / marketing)

Takeaways from Sales Enablement Report

Deeper dive into what sales enablement is via SalesForce, which found 74% of sellers say selling is becoming more consultative and less transactional.

75% of B2B sales organizations now have a dedicated sales enablement function. 

Sales enablement benefits every role inside a company, not just the marketing and salespeople.

Because these facts can affect every department:

  • 44% of millennial B2B buyers would prefer a completely rep-free buying experience
  • 93% of sales reps say virtually selling has challenges that hinder success
  • … so 58% of reps need dedicated coaching from sales managers

Plus, it’s hard to find and keep quality people, yeah? 

“A strong sales enablement function is invaluable in creating repeatable, scalable training for new hires and existing employees alike.”

Potential 25% reduction in sales rep onboarding time with the right sales enablement strategy and technology combo→ also increases productivity among marketing professionals by 25%.

3 Things Sales Enablement Can Prevent:

  • Quiet quitting… noisy take-this-job-and-shove-it exits too😁
  • Outdated / inaccurate content
  • Marketing assets that can’t be found or never get used

⭐Marketing professionals report up to 80% of their content goes unused.

Yikes! If that were the only problem solved by sales enablement programs, it would be worth it.

Sales Reports Summed Up

*Both reports are at Showpad if you wanna download the full intel.

Life is not going 100% digital – thankfully, and I hope Zuck’s metaverse bankrupts Facebook. 

But selling isn’t going back to analog either, as the above statistics show.

And we have to remember B2B buyers may not see themselves that way. 

They may just feel like a person with a problem. 

No different than a consumer looking for a short-form video on how to get gum out of the carpet or organize their inbox.

BTW, Top 3 Subject Lines In My Inbox (+why they worked)
  1. 97% accuracy at hitting winners over the past 8 years? (only %%% SL among 50 emails)
  2. Blood Donors Needed on Tuesday in Commerce (my city, a need, & I’ve got 5 extra pints😅)
  3. Techno-Narcissism (new / made-up term generates curiosity)

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Facts and Stats

  • Telling your brand’s story & inviting someone into the story are polar opposites (Dr. JJ Peterson)
  • Over 70% of American small businesses lack a CTA on their websites (Social Media Examiner)
  • User-generated content gets 29% higher web conversions than campaigns or websites without UGC (EveryoneSocial)

Bonus: Showpad study shows 92% of Millennial and Gen Z buyers prefer to be sold to virtually.

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