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Top of the morning, folks.

Today’s feature covers mouse 🖱 damage.

Our mission is to get your subscribers to click their mice into mechanical malfunction. Touch screens too. How?

By adding reviews to your emails. What a simple way to use reviews you already have to increase email click rates! I’ve gathered review email examples along with facts showing what makes people tick when it comes to clicks. 

Know This

Americans agree on little nothing, so this is profound.

⭐57% of US shoppers agree that “customer reviews are very helpful.”

Write the stat below on your office wall in Sharpie if you don’t have many reviews. The few you have need to be impactful – via words. Encourage comprehensive reviews.

⭐73% of users cite written reviews as more important than star and number ratings.

Oh, and how much time do marketing teams spend creating ads? Too much because…

⭐83% of shoppers don’t trust advertisements, but do trust online customer reviews.

Teams might be better off copying & pasting testimonials from Ethel in Eufaula.

To-the-Point Email Review Example

Even an unskilled or hungover writer could craft the email below. Why? The pressure is off. 

The work is done by the reviews. From the opening line, the focus is put on what customers say.

review emails

Courtesy Really Good Emails (false advertising – they’ve really great emails)

Younger Audiences

Best believe young folks (those who don’t say “folks”) do not trust companies but would let a random Yelper babysit their offspring.

⭐50% of millennials “always” read reviews of businesses by consumers. ~BrightLocal 

They mean it.

57% of millennials check out reviews of cafes and restaurants. 40% read reviews of clothing and grocery stores.

Folks, the only sign I need to choose a grocery store is ‘OPEN.’ Young peeps don’t even trust Piggly Wiggly!

Professional services can’t just toss up a shingle and lure in millennials either.

71% of millennials search for at least one consumer review when choosing professional services.

Smart. Not all accountants are buttoned up. Some suck at math. Others are not even accountants, rather, shady ghost tax preparers.

*Read later: 2023 open-rate tools / tactics.

Storybranded Review Emails

The example email below does more than let the reviewer ramble. Reviewers can be wordy.

Instead, Sensei crafted an enticing story around a client who had a great experience at their resort.

review emails
Source: Really Good Emails

The client’s story was also a how-to guide on the relaxation program steps. Gorgeous photos made a splash too.

The Death Star – Negative Reviews 🖤

Some reviewers are unreasonable. 

Don’t use those in emails (in case that’s unclear 😉)

review emails

Most are reasonable. So it’s on the brand to make those folks’ experience awesome.

If not, then the goal is to fix the issue. Refunds, if need be. Avoid negative reviews at all costs…

90% of online shoppers reported a negative review has convinced them to avoid visiting a business. 

⭐35% of cases, a single negative review has affected the entire buying decision of the customer. 

⭐57% of consumers won’t use a business if it has less than a 4-star rating.

The best copywriter in the world can’t convince potential clients / customers to try awesome products / services which may have just had an off-day.

Reasonable example: Occasional vehicle lemons.

Unreasonable: “We got wetter than we thought on the trip.” ~ True Google review for Kayaking Outfitter.😐

Deep Reviews Linked in Emails

In-depth review email from Really Good Emails (3 more linked at the end of this post).

review emails

The link drives readers to watch a video story of happy homebuyers the service assisted.

Pretty sure the video is a positive review of the highest order. Else the CMO has a weird philosophy.

Review-fueled Email Wrap Up 

We all know reviews help our brands. It’s just that we forget the simple tools at our disposal and need reminders.

There is no downside to adding review emails to some of your campaigns.

If you discover downsides, please let me know, I’m all ears.

Now, more proof on the impact of utilizing reviews with email marketing.

⭐Hotels that responded to reviews on TripAdvisor got 12% more reviews + an improvement of 0.12 stars.

Word of mouth aka reviews > ads…

57 percent of marketers prefer using reputation management to paying for ads.

*Thanks to Review42 for compiling oodles of review facts. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power, but first, encounters of the puppy kind.

Marketing email volume by product category.

A different angle on testing email campaigns (scientastic).

Monstrous take on conversion rates. (w/ high-converting examples).

Comparisons suck – but mimicking your competitor’s LinkedIn moves is smart (here’s how).

50% – 70% Open Rates. Consistently. Inbox Mailers can do it for you too.

Self Help 

This is a test. Which should you read?

  1. More people make Earth better
  2. More people might wreck the planet
  3. Essentialism

Correct if you said ‘C’. It’ll take longer to read.

But can save you tons of time in 2023.

Not much you or I can do about planetary population.

So why hurt our heads contemplating such matters? 

Depopulate your brain, people! 

The empty space feels good, trust me.😅

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Facts and Stats

  • Why people cancel paid subscriptions: 1. Price 2. Subscription fatigue
  • New poll: Email used in unison by 72% of firms using direct mail
  • Dec. 2021 to Dec. 2022: avg. e-commerce conversion rate dropped by about 10% (2.36% → 2.13%)

*Pre Inbox Mailers Quote Circa 2009… “Nothing I like more than the smell of deleted emails in the morning. Same time, same channel every day.”

~ Johnnie Q. Public

Higher click volume. Up to 70% open rates. Demo Inbox Mailers.

Marketing Musings

Quick-hitter examples to have your email list busting at the seams:

→ Opt-in that nearly doubled conversions

Solid opt-in made even better, 26% more sign-ups

Yes / No pop-up targeted readers of a specific blog post (6.33% conversion rate)

*Pro Tip: Build your email list before you need it. Same thing for expanding lists.

Get Hacking

Is the spark gone from your opt-in forms?

You can talk to me👂🏼. Not all relationships last. May be time to cheat. 

I don’t get paid to promote Optin-Monster but their pop-up forms always grab my attention.

Try some of their templates, see if you can ramp up conversions. 

ALT Hack→ Tweak instead of cheat on your current forms. 

As we saw above, little tweaks can take conversions to the next level. 

Test then let me know if you saw improvements. 

3 More Really Good Review Emails 

  1. How to ask for reviews
  2. Funny reviewers
  3. Minimalist sharp design
  4. Eye-catching design / quick reviews

Yes, I failed accounting school.

3 standout quotes from marketing newsletters I saw recently:

  1. Marie Kondo admits, following the birth of her 3rd child, her home is now “messy.” ~The Hustle
  2. “Nowhere should we be more concerned about the lack of competition, and Google’s nonchalance about it, than the broader advertising market.” ~Marketing Brew
  3. “You can’t pay to become a Navy SEAL but the price can be your life. Price is more than money.”

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