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The Knowledge Base Questions & Answers | September 6

The Knowledge Base Q&A

I have a secret weapon when I have a burning email marketing question that’s driving me nuts. His name is John Gardner. And now, each week, you can pick his brain, too. Welcome to The Knowledge Base, our Q&A session with my favorite Wizard of Inboxing. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Q: I keep hearing that email marketing is dead. Is there still a place for it in my marketing mix?

A: I’ll be honest: Sometimes marketers suffer from shiny object syndrome. So, when people talk about chatbots, push notifications, and social media marketing, it can be easy to think that email marketing is outdated and you have to get on board with whatever the latest trend is today. But despite having been around since the beginning of the world wide web, email marketing is more powerful than ever. In fact, by the year 2024, about 5 billion of the world’s population will be using email. And the ROI is one of the best you’ll find in the business – a $36 yield for every $1 spent. So, don’t let what’s trending distract you from what’s actually working. Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. If you still don’t believe me, check this out. 

Q: I’m struggling to grow my list. Do you have any advice on how I can do it faster, without sacrificing the quality?

A: Well, let me start by telling you what not to do: don’t go buying or renting random lists and spamming people. It’s “fast”, but it’ll also get you shut down fast. And could cost you thousands of dollars in the process. Slow and steady still wins the race. But there are plenty of things you can do to speed things up without shooting yourself in the process. Here are 10 of the top strategies I recommend to grow your list exponentially without jeopardizing your business’s bottom line.

Q: I notice that Inbox Hacking is sponsored by Inbox Mailers. What makes InboxMailers different from the other solutions out there?

A: Inbox Mailers is the only platform on the market that will allow your businesses to know when your subscribers are in their inbox and then instantly send them a triggered email. They have built the technology and network to filter, identify, and respond instantly, enabling businesses to tap into results far better than the traditional “spray and pray” email broadcasts without being limited by technology. By using Inbox Mailers, we’ve seen clients enjoy open rates that consistently stay within the 50-70% range. Take a look at some of the other things that Inbox Mailers can add to your email marketing arsenal.

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