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It’s Thursday and I’m glad to be here with you Inbox Hackers. Would I prefer being on vacation? 🤐

Ridiculous🚢. I’m right where I need to be and ready to tip you off about something that can hurt your deliverability. Even when you do nothing wrong. We’re talking IP issues, so why don’t we wade right into it – minus any boring technical details, I promise.

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Tale of Two IPs (Internet Protocol) 

Your email marketing strategy is hitched to either a:

  • Dedicated IP
  • Shared IP

New mailers need to choose wisely when starting up. 

Experienced mailers may see inbox placement challenges resulting from the choice they made years ago.

Dedicated IP address means you are the only organization using it. Sounds safe, right? We’ll see in a moment.

Shared IP address is shared among many organizations. Sounds suspect, especially with domains out there like… on second thought, never Google such things😩.

dedicated ip address

Dedicated, Dependable, But…

Mailers sending out massive amounts of email may prefer a dedicated IP address. 

You don’t have to worry about sketchy mailers sharing their spam punishment with you.

But the drawbacks are:

  • Higher costs
  • Easy to break things
  • Requires tech knowledge for DNS etc.
  • 100% of deliverability falls on you

Shared, Supported, But…

Sure you have to co-mingle on a shared IP with sketchy webmasters (deviants abound). Other downsides:

  • Bad actors can drag your shared IP onto a spam list
  • Restrictions on types of email offers / topics you can send
  • Can get kicked off for getting out of bounds with the above

There are major upsides to shared IP addresses though:

  • Piggy-back other senders with solid reputations
  • Easier to hit the inbox
  • Warm-up period is typically shorter
  • Technical set-up is smoother 

Now for a brain-breaking technical breakdown of each… kidding, no suffering on my watch.

*Brave souls can read more here though.

Shared / Dedicated IP Address Bottom Line 

Share an IP and you share the fate of other mailers on the same IP. But you have the support of your ISP and ESP since they don’t want bad actors jacking up their business either.

Use a dedicated IP address and you have more power and control. But also have no one to blame when somebody (you or your team) jack something up😱.

dedicated ip address


  • Using an email consultant is wise when choosing a dedicated IP 
  • Check your ESP’s fine print to see what type of mailers they don’t allow
  • Shared IPs are more lenient on missteps
  • Dedicated IPs require more maintenance 
  • More security available with a dedicated IP
  • SSL certificates are available for shared addresses but a trustworthy hosting service is a must
  • Low-volume mailers typically fare best with shared IPs

Just Another Factor in Email Deliverability

Hitting the inbox is a challenge, and worse, there are invisible speed bumps like the choice of IPs. And we’ve discussed how ESPs affect your deliverability too. 

(Coming up: Sales touch science)

Both types of IPs we talked about – well, you can’t just put them on autopilot. But at least with a shared IP, problems are spread out among mailers. As opposed to dedicated IP problems that land directly on you and your company.

Read on for email examples to swipe and facts to amp up sales.

Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power but up first, motivation. 

How HubSpot’s using AI bots.

🎣Win-back email examples (ain’t got time for that? Try reEngaged)

B2B digital marketing guide (includes top ROI channel chart)

🏀Bounces spiking lately? Could be this issue at Microsoft.

Inboxes are packed tighter than sardines these days.

Many brands are seeing only 2 or 3 out of 10 emails opened!


Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can drastically increase your open rates with Inbox Mailers.

Users of this new platform are seeing 50% – 70% open rates consistently. 

​Plus, Inbox Mailers re-engages inactive subscribers via our Network Effect.

Our platform integrates easily with your current ESP. 

Increases click volume too.

Stand out in inboxes and stop letting your campaigns go to waste.

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Demo Inbox Mailers

Self Help 

Seth’s post on chores got me thinking. 

What else can I scrape off my plate that will leave more time for impactful activities?

Already tossed all my plates, forks, spoons, and bowls, keeping only one each. 

No chance of a dirty dish pile-up. It works.

Got any chore tips that have worked for you? Send them my way.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

🚘Angela at Dealer Inspire (future-proof dealerships)

🤱🏼Erin at Itzy Ritzy (baby style)

Facts and Stats

  • B2B buyers 52% more likely to make a purchase after reading your business’s content (MarketingProfs)
  • Single-column forms have a 21% higher conversion rate vs. zig-zag forms (World Data) 

Bonus: Which email service provider was most popular among marketers? Salesforce Marketing Cloud (2021) 

If you use email marketing for your business, you’re gonna want to check out Inbox Mailers.

They’re changing the game.

Here’s how…

Their software enables brands to know when subscribers are in their inbox while triggering an email that generates a 50% – 70%+ open rate with no degradation in the click-to-open percentage.

The best part?

Inbox Mailers integrates with most major ESPs to easily and instantly fire your triggered email, using your ESP, from your domain at the time your subscriber is in their inbox.

Discover how Inbox Mailers can boost your email marketing’s bottom line with a free demo.


Marketing Musings

Want fresh takes on AI?

Check this fella’s YT Channel out. (He runs

The AI music discussions are fascinating. I can’t wait to steal Drake’s voice or sue him for not letting me🤩.

Get Hacking

Cherry-pick this list of 100 examples of the 80/20 Rule.

IMHO, the most useful in email marketing:

  1. Pick tasks with the highest reward that require the least effort
  2. Do more with less not more with more
  3. Develop the power to mentally block out the bottom 80% 


  1. Are detailed photos in your emails a must?
  2. Are you repurposing emails?
  3. Are you using tools to block distractions?

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