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Short Engaging Emails

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It’s August. 2023’s nearly extinct. 

So let’s not waste a moment or a word. Your subscribers have even less time to read your emails than you think. Let’s learn what to do about it.

Smart Brevity for Short Engaging Emails

Your choice. Read Smart Brevity. Let me read it for you. Or see highlights below from the Ted Talk… 

“Brevity is selfishly good for you because you’ll be heard again.”

“People read almost NOTHING.”

Author received tons of thank-you notes after drastically shortening articles.

Concise Writing Basic Points 

  • 26 seconds is all we give to text we really want to read
  • Don’t hide key content at end of posts
  • 50+% of shared social posts are not even read by the sharer
  • No, our brains aren’t being rewired for content oceans

Short Engaging Emails

⭐Brevity is worthless if unclear though.⭐

Smart Brevity Tips for Getting Your (short engaging) Emails Read

  1. Audience first (they’re time-bankrupt)
  2. Set the hook w/ 1 big thing
  3. KIS. Short words/sentences. Plain talk
  4. Write StuffyScared❌ Human🟢
  5. Stop writing. Then cut out much

Short Engaging Emails are Hard to Write 

Writers like to write. Making it hard to cut what you wanna share with subscribers.

But if you think much of your readers, give them their time back. 

It’ll go perfectly with the solid info you’re slinging. You might even get some thank-you notes yourself.

Plus, you’ll save a mountain of time yourself. There’s plenty to write on other topics. Use your extra time there, or write a few books, or take more naps.

That’s all I’ve got to say about brevity😉. 

Need more resources for short engaging emails?

🏫University of North Carolina paper

💯Brevity’s 1st step? Shorten sentences

📧Email newsletter to emulate— big info, tight writing

Short Engaging Emails

*Visibly bigger intros grab attention

**Attention span depleted to 47 secs

***How Gen Z reads (KW hunters) 

Best Subject Lines in my Inbox (+why they work) 

(Urgent, the word “fiascos”)

(Word play on the Great Reset)

(Drip email on a course I signed up for – a numbered nudge)

Scroll below for unique loyalty rewards, SMS segmentation wins, & Today’s Hack crushes nos & lifts sales.

⚡Quick Level-up for Email Marketers

If you use email marketing for your business, you’re gonna want to check out Inbox Mailers.

They’re changing the game and here’s how…

Their software enables brands to know when subscribers are in their inbox while triggering an email that generates a 50% – 70%+ open rate with no degradation in click-to-open rates.

The best part?

Inbox Mailers integrates with almost all major ESPs to easily and instantly fire your triggered email, using your ESP, from your domain at the time your subscriber is in their inbox.

BTW, triggered emails get a 6.76% click-through rate (Get Response), so imagine click rates for triggered emails arriving while subscribers are staring at their inbox! 

Learn more with a free Inbox Mailers demo.


Knowledge Base

🧠Knowledge is power, but first, dog ignores unimpressive child

How to make your loyalty program’s rewards unique

🎥Test this AI for creating short clips from long vids

Quick copywriting clinic via Apple

📩Video: choosing an email service provider 

Self Help

Keith is a fella I run into walking in town sometimes. 

Yesterday, I ran in the heat with a hoodie on to sweat more (I’m not smart).

But Keith’s way tougher than that. I can’t even mention what he came back from. 

I can tell you he’s lost 50+ pounds this year. 

And I doubt that’s the best thing that’s resulted from his daily walks.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

📢Victor at GroupM (advertising)

🛀Vishwas Newbathtoday (baths)

Facts and Stats

  • Just 15% of users who clicked on an SMS campaign converted, compared to 54% of users who converted after clicking on a segmented campaign (Localytics)

  • 51% of marketers said they’re not sure what to do to prepare for 3rd-party cookie extinction (Email Insider)

  • 68% of consumers say content & reviews on a retailer’s website are more influential than in-store signage/displays (Media Post)

Bonus: Meta’s metaverse and virtual-reality division lost how much last quarter? $3.73 billion (Bloomberg)

Dire Straits

Email deliverability has caused many a migraine…

…panic attacks and maybe a divorce or two!

Little missteps and uncontrollable factors hurt your deliverability and send your emails into spam land.

Had enough of those struggles?

There’s a simple email deliverability solution that won’t hurt your head or eat up your free time…

The solution is triggered emails powered by a giant network of mailers that get your emails into the inbox as your subscriber is actively reading emails.🤯

The best part? Inbox Mailers has the network and does the heavy lifting for you→ White Glove set-up with your current ESP. Learn more with a free demo.


Today’s Hack

Get Hacking

You can’t hide from customer objections despite your amazing, snowflakesque products 😅.

So face ’em. 

The Apple copywriting link above showed how to pre-empt objections.

Follow Apple’s lead in your next email campaign. 

If your product has zero objections, I suspect you’ve none left to sell and are lounging on a private island. Congrats!

*Know other elite email marketers? Please forward Inbox Hacking to them. 

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