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Skip these 11 Marketing Mistakes in the New🍾Year

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Hope Santa was good to you, and we wish you a Happy New Year from Inbox Hacking (5 days to go in 2023!).

I’ve got a slew of stats, facts, and Today’s Hack is about New Year’s and New Days. Plus, this week’s feature story gives you a quick look at 11 marketing mistakes to steer clear of as we smash head-first into 2024. Let’s get to it because one of the mistakes never gets talked about (and avoiding it is a smart way to save money).

The Big 5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

#1 Believing AI will do even half the marketing work on your desk

#2 Depending on tired lead generation methods

#3 Making it easy to click away from your sign-up forms

#4 Not getting to the point fast as hell!

#5 Thinking everyone wants bite-sized info

Breaking Down Those 5 Marketing Mistakes

Yeah, artificial intelligence is cool. Gonna get cooler. So was a hammer once, but they didn’t swing themselves, and ta-da, a house appeared. Ok, I’m just a dumb country boy who doesn’t get it, huh? Hide and watch. Better yet, test 5 new AI tools a week and get back to me on your letdown. 

Next. There are 80 zillion free ebooks waiting for people to download. Get more creative with lead magnets (valuable tools > ebooks). And don’t use top-right-X-to-close on your pop-ups. Closing those old forms is automatic, so use an alternative click-to-close text link.

Four and five. Some people like long-form content. So, provide it. The good news is you can get to the point with takeaways at the top of longer articles for bite-sized content lovers.

6 – 10 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

#6 Not paying attention to the fine points of email deliverability

#7 Getting ripped off with click fraud

#8 Tossing offline marketing aside (even further)

#9 Not digging far enough into some marketing statistics 

#10 Trying to be everywhere

Breakdown of 6 – 10 Marketing Mistakes 

Email deliverability can be improved by well-known best practices. But many marketers don’t realize their ESP of choice is affecting deliverability and inboxing. Another detail that doesn’t get talked about? Not sending a welcome email the minute someone signs up for your email list. Waiting to send that welcome may mean it never gets opened, which means the next email won’t either.

Seven and eight go hand in hand. Online ads have a terrible fraud problem no one wants to address. This makes offline ads appealing in some industries, or at very least, running ads in a newsletter where you can see the ad actually running!

Check out How to Lie with Statistics, and always consider the source when reading marketing research. A social media tool provider benefits from studies showing social media helps you sell 71.3% more eyeliner widgets, right?

Back to AI… because it may help your brand be everywhere all at once. Ok, who’s gonna sort through all the data that results from being everywhere? Scott the Bot that lacks context? Or Sam the Human who lacks bandwidth?

#11 Marketing Mistake to Beware in 2024

Last up? Paying too much for influencer marketing is an easily avoidable marketing mistake.

Be the Billy Bean of hiring influencers. Moneyball.

Catch an influencer on their way up so you get more bang for your buck. 

Don’t be like an NFL team that overpays for an All-Pro cornerback with his best days behind him.

Pay for upside. Just like the guy on Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School podcast who traveled around getting baseballs signed by top high school prospects. Those autographs were free but would be worth big bucks once the player started hitting homers in the NCAA or MLB.

Read on for next-gen Lead Gen, the Knowledge Base, & fresh facts-n-stats.

🤯 New AI Lead Gen Tool Identifies Email Addresses of Anonymous Visitors

What if you could collect the email addresses of your anonymous website visitors?

A new AI-powered tool, Smart Recognition, has created the next evolution in lead generation. 

Rather than getting only 5% of your traffic via an opt-in form, you can now target and email interested leads who usually bounce from your website without buying or subscribing! 

Growing your email list and revenue just got faster!

Here are examples of how you can utilize Smart Recognition:

  • Email an irresistible offer to prospects browsing your site
  • Add these leads to your Welcome Email series
  • Send abandoned cart emails to people who don’t complete checkout
  • Add these email addresses to Meta remarketing audiences

Curious to see how much of your anonymous website traffic you can identify? Schedule a free demo of Smart Recognition and 10x your lead generation. 


**US-only audiences & monthly traffic of around 15k

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power, so is running away

Best emails of Dec. 2023 according to Litmus

B2B Marketing— AI foundations & the future (video)

Icky email list? Hygiene tips here (video)

Q&A on customer experience learnings in 2023

Ready for February’s new Gmail & Yahoo email rules?

Self Help

Best to prepare for all possible problems.

Pretty impossible though, since dominos are constantly falling all over our plans. 

Only thing to do is prepare to accept those dominos, then set them back in place best we can.

* Inbox Hackers Shout-out:

📢Cedric at P&G (Procter & Gamble)

📢Ed at Diamond Law Center

Facts and Stats

  • Average conversion rate across all industries is 3.9%, with B2B tech as low as 1.7% (Forbes 2023)
  • Brides, Investopedia, & the Spruce, get over 80% of their traffic from Google (SimilarWeb)
  • Brands spend around $500 billion a year on marketing and advertising, but only $9 billion on customer service (MarketingProfs)
Bonus: Good reason brands should steer clear of politics? More than half of Americans told Pew Research Center they feel “angry” always or often when they think about politics (65% feel exhausted by it)

Billions Sent

You learn a lot from sending billions of emails.

  • Nearly 100% of people read email in a predictable pattern
  • They delete unwanted emails then read all the remaining emails
  • People only read emails when they make time for it

These learnings led to Inbox Mailers’ patent-pending trigger system. Triggered emails that hit your subscribers’ inbox while they’re actively reading emails. 

These emails land after unwanted emails are deleted. So, the triggered emails are in the perfect position to be read… because they’re grouped with emails the subscriber purposely kept!

This produces 50%, 60%, even 70% open rates, higher click volume, and deliverability improvements in no time. Interested in these results? Demo Inbox Mailers and take advantage of their patent-pending triggered emails so your campaigns can benefit from higher engagement based on proven predictable inbox behavior. 

Act now to get 50% off your first month + 20,000 free credits. Hurry, offer ends December 31st (4 days left! Use code XMAS2023)⏱️


Today’s Hack

Get Hacking

Don’t underestimate the power of a New Year. Or New Month…

Studies show that people are more likely to commit to changes on New Year’s Day, the first day of a new month, major birthdays, etc.

These new moments in time are your chance to gain new customers and clients. So mark your calendar and sprinkle in campaigns promoting New Starts” on key days in 2024. And segment your list to use campaigns that catch subscribers headed into a fresh state of mind. 

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