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📲TikTok trend highlights 

TikTok Trend Report

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Good morning, you brilliant beings. You too, Kevin. Today’s feature: We break down the 2024 TikTok Trends Report then…

  • Best Subject Lines in My Inbox (includes a 4-headed lure)
  • Knowledge Base
  • Self Help (Nancy had it right)
  • Facts & Stats (update on psychological nudges)
  • Today’s Hack to use right away

Strap your waders on and we’ll get into this TikTok report.

3 Takeaways TikTok Trend Report

  1. Users 1.8x more likely to discover new topics they didn’t know they liked compared to traditional social platforms.
  1. Unpredictable and collective stories engage users in unique ways – like collaborations.
  1. Creative bravery, vulnerability, and strategic risks are keys to building trust between brands and audiences.

*The report notes how traditional storytelling is often not enough to make TikTok users stop scrolling.

Also noteworthy in the TikTok Trend Report:

  • This format’s making global content feel local
  • Collaborations are now easy via the Creator Marketplace 

Now, we’ll wade in deeper with numbers, then compare this trend report with the Video King.

TikTok Trend Report Reveals New Opportunities 

44% of peeps hit TikTok with a specific outcome in mind but ended up discovering something they didn’t intend to discover.

 67% feel they’ve learned a lot about different people and cultures.

Why this matters? A bit of randomness means brands can uncover new audience segments. Much like “mystery finds” we talked about in this recommerce post.

Then you have exploding hashtags like…

  • #whattowatch +25x YoY vv growth rate 
  • #tiktokfinds +10x YoY vv growth rate 

One can help you get your products on consumers’ radar. The other can get your off-TikTok content seen and clicked on. Here are 180 more trending hashtags that give you options no matter the niche, and below are some that can help you knock off a big brand…

  • #brandbattle
  • #brandcomparison
  • #versus
  • #brandshowdown
  • #brandversus

… if you’re willing to put your product up against a well-known brand. 

“You come at the king, you best not miss.” ~The Wire

Speaking of – see YouTube Shorts numbers below to compare with the TikTok breakdown.

TikTok Trend Report vs. YouTube Shorts Statistics

Here’s what YouTube Shorts brings to the table for marketers.

  • 70% of viewers say YouTube Shorts makes them more aware of new brands
  • Daily views of YT Shorts are over 50 billion (source: Google)
  • Going super-viral means viewed percentages can be above 100% (w/ peeps watching the Short multiple times)

It’s a no-brainer to test both video platforms and new features they’re constantly rolling out. But if you only want to focus on one to keep from frying your brain, keep these notes top-of-mind.

What if you want your short-form content to lead to longer videos?

 YouTube reigns. 

  • YouTube has 2.7+ billion monthly active users vs. TikTok 1.5+ billion users 
  • 646 billion organic daily impressions vs.’s 318.2 million
  • 65.1 million paid traffic vs. TikTok’s paid traffic of 643,600

Average time people spend on both is the same (roughly 45 mins./day).

Source: OneupWeb

(Don’t have to be young to get traction on TikTok)

To taste every morsel of this 2024 TikTok Trend Report, download here.

Bonus: The 3 Best Subject Lines in My Inbox 

  1. “Why don’t we eat these breakfast foods anymore?” (History Facts- I love breakfast)
  2. “Term of the Day: Chargeback” (Investopedia- quick definitions)
  3. “Reminder: Home office how-tos | New photos” (Home Organizing w/ Lisa Holtby- 4 lures🪝 reminder / how-tos / new / photos

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Knowledge Base

💪Knowledge is power – first, a giggle

🫧Spiffed up Spamhaus website (new free tools)

🤔What are you leaving outta your enterprise marketing strategies?

🔎What’s content discovery + how to maximize it

🎮Unlikely spots to get your content seen/heard 

📨Email marketing guide for real estate agents (2024 update)

Self Help

Just say no. It’s 100% effective if you need to get more done.

“Just don’t do it” > “just do it.”

“Just don’t do it” > any productivity app, platform, or ingenious plan devised to manage time.

But saying no is hard because we don’t even realize we’re saying yes. Yes is not a verb. It’s the default flow of your day – unseen. No is a verb. A bada$* one. Use it like a hammer!

Extra: Phrases voted most uplifting to folks around you.

*Inbox Hackers Shout-out:

📢Sarah at (email marketing)  

📣Carolyn at BlueBoard (employee care) 

Facts and Stats

  • 60% of OpenAI model’s responses contain plagiarism (Axios)
  • 2 key reasons your demo page isn’t converting: 1) Sending leads there too soon. 2) Not enough details on the page (Stacked Marketer)
  • New study: Psychological nudges proven effective – again (ScienceDirect)

Bonus: Are you targeting this time frame when people are ready to spend big? Like $10,000 or more… What time frame? New movers (relocating) spend an average of $10,000 within 180 days of moving (Postcardmania). Also, 90% say they’re likely to try a new brand or company, and 88% say they’re willing to try a new service provider when moving.

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  • People only read emails when they make time for it

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Get Hacking

Send more emails. I know, I know, that’ll eviscerate (means destroy, I think) your deliverability. 

Not so fast…

Sending more emails puts your offers in front of your hardcore subscribers more frequently. So, while your open rates could drop, your clicks should increase – if so, your sales should rise. Worth testing. Even if you only send more to your most engaged readers who already click on a high percentage of your campaigns (segment these VIPs if you’ve not done so).

(ALT Hack: NOT doing the normal thing can get a reader to pause. Switch a metaphor’s ending, provide a fact that doesn’t back your claim, or use unexpected graphics→ new AI graphic tool.)

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