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Inbox Hackers, don’t worry. We only have to deal with Mr. & Mrs. Obvious telling us it’s hot for two more months. We know! It’s summertime!

Anyhow, today’s feature story has prime-time advice for growing your email list. A dude with over 2 million subscribers must know something, so let’s see what James Clear has to say.

Big Guy to Big Guy on Email List Growth Rate

(Not that Big Guy😂)

Tim Ferriss doesn’t need marketing advice. Still, he asked for it and best-selling author James Clear gave perfect pointers on getting more people on Tim’s email list. 

Main point from the interview segment? Prioritize email sign-up forms on your website. 

Don’t just say you’re prioritizing them either. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

On your landing pages or home page, something will lead. Make sure that something is what you intend to lead.

Simple Testing to Improve Email List Growth Rate

Clear’s 2 easy suggestions to speed up email list growth rate were:

  • Test swapping the positioning of your top two calls-to-action
  • Keep email list sign-up always visible on a top-of-page banner

Same advice holds true even if email sign-ups are not your main goal. Put the spotlight on what you most want people to do… remember, it’s hard enough to get them to take even one action!

BTW, the author made the case for email marketing on these fronts…

  • Easier to share video / podcast links via email newsletter than vice versa (I don’t click on video links and I can’t remember podcast links)

  • Focus on what has the most long-term value (10k YouTube subs are cool but what’s the conversion rate compared to 2k email subs?)

Email prompts immediate action. The same can’t be said for videos, podcasts, or social media posts typically. The inbox gives users a quiet space to take the action you want them to.

⭐Clear also advised being strategic with cross-pollinating content. Instagram was one of his top 5 sources of email sign-ups – flabbergasting, I know.

Tiny Tweaks Boost Email List Growth Rate 

Oh, see below what Tim Ferriss is truly prioritizing on his site. 

email list growth rate


email list growth rate


email list growth rate


email list growth rate

He gives people a chance to subscribe to his podcast after every blog entry.

But only gives them two shots to sign up for his email newsletter. Although, you do have to click “no thanks” to close the second pop-up email form. 

With an always-on banner, his email list growth rate would have the same chance to grow as Ferriss’ podcast does. 

Or he could simply add an email sign-up link next to every podcast sign-up link if he’s one of those anti-banner 🔱folks.

Key Takeaway on Growing Email Lists?

It’s ok if you don’t want to give email prime real estate on your landing pages / home page.

Just know that what you do prioritize will generate more action and engagement. 

“Something has to lead the day.” ~James Clear (seller of a 💩-ton of books)

Don’t fool yourself either. Saying you want email subscribers above all… is not the same as making that a reality. So you may have to get an unbiased third party to look at your site to get to the truth so you can test small tweaks.

Read on for a psychological branding tip, eyeball defense, & Today’s Hack.

Knowledge Base

🔌Knowledge is power but first, animal laughter.

What’s the Generation Effect (& how it can affect brand awareness)?

🔨10 tools to keep your email content fresh with trending topics.

8 tools that make repurposing content easier.

📩Email dark mode best practices (for e-commerce).

When is feedback useless?


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This simple near/far exercise can help keep your eyeballs fit.

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Get Hacking

Christmas hacking in July. Why not? Time flies and holiday shopping will return before you can say Cyber Monday.

3 proven Christmas marketing tactics below that can be used any time of year:

  1. Dial up emotion in ads
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