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What are the 🔑 keys to repurposing your content?

repurposing content

New here? This is Inbox Hacking, a Free Newsletter for Awesome email marketers eager to level up. Email marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. Someone forwarded you our Newsletter? Sign up for your Free subscription. Today’s edition covers how to repurpose your content to save time and money in 2023 + more fresh marketing facts and stats.

Greetings Inbox Hackers. Hope you’re crushing this Tuesday and not crumbling under the weight of a fresh week. Mix in some bodyweight squats if it’s the latter.

To help you crush the rest of 2023, I’ve got a how-to for repurposing your content (including a great example). Be it newsletters, blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, etc.— we’re gonna learn to recycle. The goal is to maximize what you already created— to save money while increasing efficiency.

2023 State of Content Report 

This Bynder report has great info if you want the full read.

Repurposing content highlights reported:

  • Nearly 10 out of 10 CMOs plan to reuse existing content to maximize efficiency and/or reduce spend
  • 83% of marketers across industries are focused on consolidating their technology systems

Digital Asset Management (DAM) can combine those two points above. Compare DAM software here.

HubSpot’s deep dive on DAM which mentions such a system saving Motorola about $600,000.

Sifting through photos, templates, logos, NSFW memes😊, etc. eats up massive time!

Time-saving can start today… even without giving a DAM a try.

5 Easy Email Campaign Repurposing Tactics

#1 Choose two campaigns with the most engagement and include links to those in your Welcome Email.

#2 Alternatively, create a lead magnet from those two highly-engaged campaigns. 

#3 Resend campaigns to subscribers who don’t open the first send.

#4 Summarize your recent newsletters into an email with an actionable checklist.

#5 Use to create an audio or video version of your campaigns.

Ask nicely and the Fliki folks may let you test cloning your own voice to use with AI (they let me).

More repurposing tools…

Repurposing / Mass-producing via Canva 

repurposing content

Canva (Pro) just rolled out new features that can help repurpose content and produce at scale. 

  • Brand Hub
  • Bulk Create
  • Translate
  • Auto-match music with video footage

The Translate feature could be super-useful. Wait, yes I know Google can translate text on websites. But…

What about text on infographics or instructions in a PDF? Your lead magnets’ reach just got extended. 

Is it all sunshine and unicorns though?

Repurposing Content Haters

Relax. You’re not cheating your audience by repurposing content.

They need to hear things more than once and from different angles so the message sticks (and converts).

Plus, you’ll be saving yourself from burnout. Content creation will wear on you, especially if you try to be 100% original with everything you produce.

“I feel like I’m tapping a keg that’s been empty for a year.” ~ rando creator (NYT piece)

“It’s an unpleasant feeling that shows up when you spend weeks, months, or even years thinking/talking/writing about the same topic.” ~ConvertKit peep on content fatigue

Avoid burnout by accepting you’ll have to repurpose your content. Need proof it’s ok, and that it works?

Showing Love to Repurposing

The Dave Ramsey Show is usually in the top 5 radio shows in the U.S. and #1 in business podcasts.

It’s useful info for broke folks (most of us) and catastrophically broke folks.

Thing is – it’s the same show over and over.

  • Stay out of dad-gum restaurants!
  • Save $1,000 for an emergency fund
  • Cut up credit cards
  • If you ain’t working at least 40 hours a week, why not!
  • Sell all your crap in the garage
  • That’s just stupid!

See, repurposed. The key? It’s done with personality. Plus, the information has been proven helpful to millions of listeners.

All the content leans into traditional money advice “your grandma would give ya.”

The array of repurposed content includes:

  • Books
  • Courses
  • Blogs
  • YouTube clips / playlists
  • Guest interviews Ramsey and other show talent give on other shows
  • Financial counseling
  • K-12 money education so kids don’t graduate as broke folks
  • Ramsey brand certification
  • Social media 

Repurposing Content Wrap-up

I could go on but I’d just be repeating what I already told ya😁.

Marketers are tightening their belts. And repurposed content is a proven way to extend your marketing budget. 

‘Second-hand content’ does not mean cheap. Just like finding a thrift shop treasure in an old baseball card or out-of-print book. There’s value in content you already have. 

Dig into it and use the tools and tactics I’ve laid out to shine up your past content into valuable repurposed content.

Knowledge Base

⚡Knowledge is power… 

Slow your roll into content automation with this beginner guide.

💯Email marketing newbie? 100 subscribers is a solid goal – start here.

Video: how to create a quiz as your lead magnet (& maximize sharing).

📺Secret sauce to short-form video ads (TikTok shows top-performing ads).

Together with Inbox Mailers…

There’s a new technology that’s enabling other Inbox Hackers to send perfectly-timed engagement triggers to their email list.

This creates a virtuous cycle that boosts your reputation, deliverability, sender scores, and IP health — all at once.

Brands leveraging this technology are seeing 3x open rates! Plus, Inbox Mailers is also the best solution for re-engaging your inactive subscribers.

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repurposing content

Self Help 

🧠Shake anxiety. 2 tools from a neuroscientist (video).

🛠Reminder: little things you’re building matter (video).

*Shout-out to Inbox Hacking Subscribers → 

💹Priyaks at DeepZest (data insights)

🌄Allison at Minot (destination)

Facts and Stats

  • Live streamed e-commerce poised to grow 57% in 2023 (USA), to nearly $32 billion (Coresight)
  • 90% of tech CMOs & 99% of consumer brands CMOs plan to recycle content in 2023 (Bynder)
  • Over 20% of emails are opened within 1 hour of when they’re delivered (GetResponse)

Bonus: Live streamed e-commerce will account for an estimated 17% of all online sales in China by 2026. 🤯

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Inbox Mailers gives you this advantage. Rather than send an email blast to your entire list at once, you can send triggered emails when your subscriber is actively in their inbox.

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repurposing content

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