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😐Why even semi-successful CTA examples won’t cut it 

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This is Inbox Hacking, a free newsletter with Email Marketing insights, tools, & tactics sent twice per week. If someone forwarded you our Newsletter, join marketers from Hubspot, the NBA, & and sign up for a Free subscription. Today we look at improving calls-to-action (w/ examples & 5 key CTA stats).

My call-to-action as we hit mid-August? Enjoy the remains of summer. 

Winter arrives sooner than we think (in 128 days). As for your calls-to-action, let’s look at improving them so your emails get more clicks and produce sales while growing your list too.

Big 5 CTA Facts-n-Stats

⭐One CTA per email more popular among marketers. 43% use one, versus 30% who use two per email. 

⭐Single CTA emails also shown to increase sales by over 1,600% (older Wordstream study).

⭐ Personalized calls-to-action perform 202% better than basic CTAs (though personalization takes more creativity in 2023).

⭐Post-purchase pages with calls to share get 16x more social shares.

⭐Conventional wisdom isn’t always smart→ one test showed a top-of-fold landing page CTA beaten by a CTA at the end (converted 304% better).

Source: Hubspot

3 Actions to Take

  1. Most email best practices should only be trusted after testing. Test CTA positioning in emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

  1. CTA personalization improves as your customer journey knowledge improves. Double-check that calls-to-action fit the customer or potential customer seeing the CTA.

  1. Clicks don’t equal sales. Dig into why semi-successful CTAs are not generating sales. Landing page doesn’t pay off the CTA’s promise or has unclear messaging?

Even genius marketing doesn’t always produce. Those Energizer Bunny ads actually helped Energizer’s competitor until consumer confusion was corrected.

Read about it in Yes: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. Cliff note— Point-of-sale displays had to be updated to match the TV commercials since shoppers knew the Bunny but not the brand.

Not Your Average CTA Examples

Drip compiled alternatives to bland / overused CTA examples here.

My top-3 from the list…

🎬Barkbox CTA: “Claim offer” (free dog bed). Good but even better would be “Claim Free Dog Bed” since it would mention the Free gift twice. Helpful because the CTA has a couple of stipulations to overcome in buyers’ minds.

cta examples

🎬Fabletics CTA: 1) “Shop Women’s”. 2) Shop “Men’s”. Automatic list segmentation opportunity, plus no worrying about a dude clicking a general CTA then abandoning because he doesn’t need hot pink high-heels or has 7 pair already😎.

🎬Bobbi Brown Cosmetics CTA: “Create Your Set”. Empowers shoppers with agency and choice. Even better is the build-up with multiple benefits that overshadow the single stipulation.

cta examples

*Mobile pop-ups can outperform desktop pop-ups by as much as 46.37% (Drip)

Finally: 3 Easy Ways to Improve CTAs

  • Remind yourself a human sees calls-to-action, not a soulless bot

  • Remove all friction from the final step you want readers to take (i.e. consider guest checkout vs. mandatory accounts—  Shopify lists benefits. Even ebay offers guest checkout)

Best Subject Line in My Inbox (+why it worked)

Uses “You” twice and asks a question about an action I was maybe supposed to take. A lil sneaky but not underhanded.

Read on for sketchy email clicks, new studies on social proof, & ‘sustainable’ sales.


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Knowledge Base

💡Knowledge is power, but first, NFL sticky fingers

Yahoo Postmaster tips for when campaigns land in spam folders

Tips & 3 tools (incl. Neuroflash) for AI SEO help

Getting sketchy email clicks? Action steps to take 

😒How to deal w/ data overload (5 quickie tips)

Empathy helps w/ sales so read fiction to increase yours

Follow Inbox Mailers…

Self Help

WTH! Study shows over half of men dealing with hair loss are “extremely self-conscious” about socializing.

I thought we solved this non-problem when Michael Jordan made shaved heads cool.

Sure, LeBron’s insecure and narcissistic so he needs hair plugs but…

Fellas. Shave that dome. And move on. You’ll save money and time by shaving your head at home— so you can go out.

*Shout-out to Inbox Hackers:

🗣Varshit at BlackBoardRadio (communication mentors)

📢Antonia at UNC (edu)

Facts and Stats

  • Of 7 different signs, only Authority & Social Proof signs significantly increased hand washing versus no sign (CopyHackers)

  • Nearly half of healthcare digital marketers say they’ve used black hat SEO tactics (MarketingProfs)

  • Facebook fundraisers created by individuals raise nearly 3.7x amount non-profit organizations do (Constant Contact)

Bonus: “Sustainable” helps sales but only if….?  You prioritize the brand benefit. Leverage relevant sustainability messaging to strengthen brand positioning.

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