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2024 email marketing stats to chew on (+predictions)

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Hope the sun’s shining on your neck of the woods. I might rub some butter on my neck and tan this afternoon. Today’s Feature will give you legit hope for your email campaigns (with a couple of warnings). Then we’ll jump into solid intel for you in these sections:

  • The Knowledge Base (Taco Bell’s AI test)
  • Self Help 
  • Facts & Stats 
  • Get Hacking (create true believers) 

Let’s peel open today’s Feature Story.

New Email Marketing Stats 

email marketing

Fresh off the podcast turntable at Validity:

  1. Triggered emails can boost revenue by up to 10x
  2. Global email volume expected to rise by 15%
  3. Click rates fell to 1.8% in latest Validity data

Two steps forward and one step back with those stats, huh? Not if you lean into triggered emails. Another tactic, too, that could help your email strategy is letting your subscribers hit snooze…

Snooze Reduces Unsubscribes by About 80%

That factoid comes via Oracle. Now. Is it hard to swallow this tactic? Yep. But just like unsubscribes aren’t the end of the world and are way better than SPAM reports, give people what they want. Sometimes what they want is a little break (especially during busy times of the year).

And if you’ve not instituted 1-click unsubscribes, get to it because…

Bulk senders have until June 1 to implement one-click unsubscribe on the Google front in all of your commercial and promotional messages.” ~The Googsters

What about revenue increases besides utilizing triggered emails?

New Email Marketing Revenue Prediction

The Validity folk say email revenue is headed upward. Expected to rise from 12.9 cents per email to 17 cents by 2026. I’ll let you “mathers” figure out the percentage leap there, but earning an extra nickel per email sent is nothing to sneeze at.

Especially with trust in social media dropping, online ad fraud being exposed, and Google getting embarrassed or upstaged on a weekly basis (mostly by Sam Altman) – email has the cleanest reputation around!

That said, up to 85% of email is reportedly SPAM. Hence all the recent changes from Gmail and Yahoo Mail. 

No need to toss out the baby with the SPAM-flavored bath water though.

Just avoid threats to your email deliverability:

#1 Be recognizable in the inbox (still the top reason an email gets opened).

#2 Triggered welcome emails must be sent immediately following subscriber sign-up (or they’ll forget signing up).

#3 Send more campaigns to engaged users. Send less to unengaged peeps – break up if need be, y’all had some good times🫠.

It goes without saying – I’ll say it anyway – deliver good stuff to your readers. If that means listening to email marketing podcasts and sifting through 9 reports when you’d rather be hiking, so be it😉.

Seriously, the Email After Hours folks do a good job, so check their podcast out.

Now for more email tidbits in The Knowledge Base below.

The Knowledge Base

💪Knowledge is power – so is nap strategy

🕳️Pitfalls of lead generation emails

🤗Inject emotion into your e-commerce (download)

✉️Using enough social proof in emails?

☑️SEO checklist (technical points)

💲Facebook Ads & monetization updates (podcast)

🌮Redditors’ take on Taco Bell’s AI Voice

😵Running video ads? See definition of “viewable”


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Self Help

Simple advice from a simple fella.

Get more sleep. Solves a lotta woes. Might even wake up 7% better looking😎. So, by hook or by crook, go to bed early. Even if you have to drop your phone in the sewer or sever your neighborhood’s internet cables, unplug and rest.

Inbox Hackers Shout-out:

📢D at Zeller Electric

📣Trevor at Canyon Landscaping

Facts and Stats

  • 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before talking to a sales rep (Spotio)
  • TV viewing: 56% of total watch time goes to broadcast TV vs. 44% for streaming (Marketing Week)
  • 82% of Gen Z is comfortable placing an order at a limited-service restaurant via smartphone (Media Post)

Bonus:  Percentage of Americans who say social media is their primary news source for this year’s presidential race?  Answer 75% (Sprout Social Report)


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Get Hacking

Online reviews pack a punch for your business. But with skepticism at an all-time high, you have to ensure people trust your reviews. So encourage happy customers to leave super-detailed (but concise) reviews. Go beyond having them mention names of staff who were helpful. Encourage customers to also write details that make it clear they are a real person who really spent real money at your business.

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Thanks for reading, 

Shane McLendon, Copy Editor – Inbox Hacking