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🐿️Are digital distractions & distracted audiences hurting your business?

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Well, well, well. Look who’s back (now every Wednesday morning).

Anyway, today I’m dousing you with uncanny marketing wisdom. Including a new list segmentation finding, a hack you won’t like, a look at human stupidity, and our feature story on reaching distracted audiences. Let’s get after it.

Are Digital Distractions Making Your Audience Unreachable?

Too many marketing efforts are wasted because potential customers are distracted 24/7. Wait, it’s worse than you think.

But there’s hope if you truly understand today’s insane levels of digital distractions. 

3 Keys

#1) 63% of employees feel distracted by their office environment

#2) Workplace distractions cost the U.S. $468 billion dollars annually (DropBox)

#3) The average person is more distracted than ever… and better at ignoring ads

Number three is bad for marketers. Real bad, in case that’s not apparent.

But there is hope.

AI Tools To Fight Off Digital Distractions

Two pieces to the puzzle for making your marketing stand out in a sea of digital distractions. 

One is using AI to get more done with less effort.

AI tools have been proven to help knowledge workers get organized— 70% said so in a survey.

Just a more organized lead generation and follow-up process would help you, right?

Top “wants” for AI tools in this survey?

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Summarize info
  • Find & organize info

People want time-saving tools because they are getting nothing done due to distractions. 

*Managers lose 683 hours per year via distractions (Holy hell! There are only 2,080 hours in a work year).

Second Piece of the Puzzle?

Realizing you may get just one shot at connecting with a potential customer. 

Make it Count:

  • Use easy one-field opt-in forms

  • Automate cart abandonment emails & browse abandonment campaigns

  • Improve headlines & hooks constantly

  • Tell better stories by being human (AI content avalanche is upon us)

  • People are distracted by phones even when turned off— find ways to reach them when their phone is not on them (shower? IDK, be creative)

One note… 

Digital distractions are making opt-in forms ineffective. 81% of people report not finishing an online form and never returning to the form!

Digital Distractions & Marketing Summed Up

I’ve made my case. Marketing will only get tougher as the cascade of distractions rain down. 

Still, I laid out six tactics to cut through digital distractions so your audience realizes you exist and that they should stick with you for the long-run.

For those still not sure digital distractions are that bad:

Nearly one outta ten major car crashes are caused by distracted drivers. We choose distractions over life itself.

How Would You 10x Your Lead Generation?

Relax, you don’t have to sell your soul at the crossroads.

Look, the vast majority of your website visitors are not ready to buy on their first visit.

No problem, except they will likely buy from another website instead of returning to yours.

Why? 100 reasons. Distractions, better deal, didn’t like your font, could be anything.

One reason you know for sure? People won’t buy without multiple touchpoints.

Good thing those additional touchpoints are now available with an AI-powered lead generation tool called Smart Recognition. 

Smart Recognition captures verified email addresses of up to 40% of your anonymous web traffic— interested prospects who would otherwise bounce, never to return. These leads are automatically inserted in your ESP or Network Audiences for automated workflows you may already have in place!

Schedule a free demo now to see how you too can grow your email list fast… and increase sales in similar fashion to FinMC.

“Within 72 hours, adding Smart Recognition to our sales process resulted in a 5x return on our initial investment in the offering.” -Morgan B., FinMC


**US-only audiences. Need traffic of around 15k

Knowledge Base

🎅Charting holiday e-commerce rise (2010-2023)

🤯25 years of Google search trends (video)

🤑$11 million per day tipping TikTok content creators?

✍️How to overcome content marketing threats in 2024

📩Fixing email deliverability (17 points)

Self Help

Never underestimate human stupidity.

This notion saves lots of time, might even protect you.

My stepbrother had a dude attempt a home invasion on him in 2020. 

Dude contacted my stepbrother via Facebook about a car he listed for sale. Made dude easy to identify and catch. 

Why target someone who knows your name, face, and Facebook profile? Stupid. See… an easy answer to life’s baffling events and reminder that logic’s not guaranteed.

* Inbox Hackers Shout-out:

📢Chloe at SimilarWeb (site rankings/data)

📢Joanna at The Assist (professional development)

Facts and Stats

  • B2B: If vendors haven’t won buyers over during first two-thirds of buying process, they have just a 16% chance of winning a deal (6sense)

  • Google’s John Mueller says age of domain “helps nothing” for search rankings

  • Only 20% of e-commerce merchants used email segmentation. 80% of all revenue went to the 20% who segmented their list (2023 Drip report)

Bonus: Another missed opportunity. Only 3.6% of e-commerce marketers use Browse abandonment workflows (Drip)

Silent Night, Dead List

How much of your email list is dead? Full of unengaged subscribers? At this time of year! 

Lucky for you, the holiday season is your chance to reactivate inactive subscribers. Imagine all those people looking for holiday deals. If only they would open your emails again.

Inbox Mailers makes it happen using a one-of-a-kind re-engagement solution. No more silent nights of empty shopping carts. Get sales ringing again with Inbox Mailers’ patent-pending email trigger system that is doubling open rates, even for dead lists.

Learn how it works with a free one-on-one demo before the shopping season disappears. Tap here to schedule a live demo and get those sales that are up for grabs right now!


Get Hacking

Today’s Hack

Two words that make marketers sick? “Test it.”

But how can you be sure a tactic works unless you test it? Can’t follow experts’ advice all the time.

Example. Donald Miller (StoryBrand) has promoted 3-step plans forever. 3 steps feel easy for potential customers.

Well, Monday, Don sent me an email offer with an 8-step plan. Why? Things change or maybe he thought too many people are promoting 3-step plans now.

Unless you test tiny changes like that on landing pages or email offers, you can’t know which ones may improve conversions. So it pains me to say, test something today. Here are 25 A/B testing tools to help.

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